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Three Dog Night

Hospital. Bethesda Naval seems to have invited some lighting engineers to visit from Germany -- it's incredibly dark through this scene. Jed and Abbey are concerned that Leo has been on a pump for five hours. In the darkness, I can barely see Margaret sitting on a couch, working on a laptop. Toby, Josh, Will, and C.J. enter the room. Jed tells them that they are still waiting. Will: "We know. Mallory told us downstairs." Oh. "Downstairs." That's where Mallory has been. And does Will even know Mallory? Toby asks Jed for a moment of his time. They walk into the corridor. Toby starts to ask about tomorrow's schedule, and Jed tells him that he will be staying at the hospital. Toby: "Sir, you have to name an interim Chief of Staff." Jed: "Leo is my interim Chief of Staff." Toby points out that they are fumbling on the tax bill and on getting international support. Jed thinks they are doing fine, based on that day's news coverage. But Toby points out that eventually there will be a third-day story, and that story will be "that Congress doesn't want to pay, that our coalition's fraying, that the spokes are coming off the wheel." Toby thinks that Jed must have had a process in place in case Leo was unable to serve, but Jed didn't, and he doesn't want to discuss it. Toby gives the tritest line of the episode: "Leo is one person, and there's two hundred and ninety million more and they come first." Throughout this entire scene, Jed's eyes are bulging out and his forehead is super-shiny. He looks like the Red Skull. Abbey walks up to them and tells them that the bypass is complete, but that Leo's heart would not function without the pump. They are going to try again in a few hours, but in the meantime, she and Jed need to speak with Mallory about possible options. Toby walks away. Commercials.

The day after Leo's surgery, Josh is wheeling Donna's wheelchair into the White House, telling her about the outcome of Leo's surgery. Donna is a marvel of modern medicine -- less than seven days after her chest was cracked open, she's been able to take a transatlantic flight and return to work. And she looks fabulous. It must be something in the German water. C.J. sees them and runs over to say hello to Donna and give her a kiss. She has to run off for something or other, but as she goes, she tells Josh, "You're weak and you know you're weak." Josh: "Belly up to the griddle, Griselda." Donna: "Are we opening a restaurant?" Josh explains that C.J. is trying to trap him, but that "she's going down like a cheap pair of salad tongs." Donna looks as confused by that statement as I am. Josh runs off to get a call and leaves Donna stranded in a corridor.

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