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Three Dog Night

Toby is meeting with the Speaker at the Capitol. He's very gently explaining the problems they are having in lining up Democratic votes, in light of the fact that half of the members they've found want a cap, and half don't want one. Toby tells him that they are still working on it, but that "the President is hoping that Congress could vote on peacekeeping first." To help make that happen, Toby is there to offer the President's support for a $400 increase to the child tax credit. The Speaker seems to be considering this when he gets a phone call. It's Josh, whom the Speaker puts on speakerphone. Heh. Josh tells the Speaker that the President freaked out about the idea of the tax credit. "I may be able to talk him down, but you're going to have to move on peacekeeping now." Toby lets Josh know that he's there with the Speaker. The Speaker tells them that he wants sixty votes, or there will be no vote on peacekeeping, and then he has to leave for a quorum call. Josh's voice comes out of the speakerphone: "The thing about good cop/bad cop, it usually helps..." Toby reaches over and hangs up the phone.

Donna is sitting at her desk when Josh walks up and tells her he needs to know when Toby returns. He walks away and then comes back, asking her to get him the Democratic whip. As he's walking away again, Donna says, "You know there's an intercom?" He calls out her name and starts to make one more trip to her cubicle when he crashes into someone carrying a plate full of donuts. He ends up covered in jelly and fried dough.

C.J. is walking down the corridor when Brock calls out to her. Brock: "C.J. I hate to take your time with this." C.J., doing a mediocre Mae West, says, "What do you think my time's for, big boy?" Brock: "Don't do that, because now I have to do my lousy Cary Grant and you end up stealing the scene." Uh, Brock? I think I can guarantee that C.J. will steal just about any scene she has with you. You just have to learn to live with it. Brock once again asks who's the new White House Chief of Staff. C.J. jumps into some more screwball '30s movie schtick, saying "I'll tell you about him. His name's Leo McGarry, comes out of Chicago, an unconventional choice, sure." She tells him that Leo is out of surgery and should be out of the woods soon. Brock points out all the complications that Leo's surgery will cause -- complications that will prevent him from working for months. Brock tells C.J. that he's hearing rumors that Will is being considered. He tells her, "Will's proven he can manage upwards. A fully-fledged adult." Just as C.J. is reassuring Brock that Toby and Josh are both responsible adults, Josh charges into her office (still wearing his donut-encrusted raiment) and yells, "You can throw me in a vat of custard with a chocolate-covered snorkel, it's going to be you and me this weekend, baby! And you are wearing a floppy hat!" He throws the donut tray on her desk and storms out.

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