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In the back of the limo, Jed stares out the window, while Abbey wonders what kind of macho bullshit statement Santos was trying to make by not wearing a coat for the ceremony. Jed thinks it made him look young and vigorous, like a leader. Abbey: "He looked like a lunatic." Jed: "A young, vigorous lunatic." They pause, and then Abbey tells him, "Jed? You made it. You're still here." It's at this point I wish he had told her that he was not, in fact, still there, but was, oh, let's say a ghost. Or a dream. But he acknowledges that he is still there, and then she takes his hand.

In his office, Charlie watches the parade on television. Suddenly, we hear Bram's voice asking whether this is room 137B. Charlie confirms that it is, and Bram carries in a small file box. They introduce themselves (Bram's last name is Howard, by the way). Bram starts putting his personal effects on the desk, without asking about Charlie's job or what it's like to work in the White House or what kind of tips he might have about staying sane (and hot). Charlie puts on his coat, and gives Bram some tips about the thermostat. Bram doesn't even look up at him. I don't care how cute he is, nobody disrespects Charlie like that. Bram is dead to me.

Charlie walks out of his office and sees lots of fresh-faced eager young beavers milling around the place. He comes across Will and Kate, looking a bit stunned themselves. Charlie asks, "You want to go see a movie?" Will: "It's two o'clock in the afternoon." Someone should explain the concept of a matinee show to Will. Charlie asks whether either of them really have anything better to do, and they admit that they don't. Will asks, "Is there even a movie theater around here?" Charlie: "I have no idea." There are actually about three within a nine-block walk.

C.J., dressed to hit the road, walks down a corridor. She sees a partially open door, and steps through. It's the briefing room, completely empty. She takes it in, and then steps up to the podium. She stands there as if she's about to make a statement. And then we hear Steve, one of the reporters who's been around for the run of the show, tell her, "You look good up there." Steve, she looks good just about anywhere. She thanks him. Steve tells her that the reporters missed her, and C.J. responds, "Can't say the feeling's mutual." He asks her whether she has any comment on Toby's pardon. C.J.: "Nope." He asks her whether she's got an opinion about the pardon. She tells him, "Sure I do." And then she walks out the door.

Some stuffed shirt escorts Donna and Annabeth down a corridor in the East Wing. He explains that the suite of offices Abbey was using as First Lady is being renovated, so they've had to find alternative space for Helen and her staff. He shows them a large open room with a couple of desks in it. Annabeth is pleased. He directs Annabeth to the office she'll be using as the First Lady's Press Secretary. And then he asks Donna to follow him to check out another office. He leads Donna into an enormous space with a great fireplace and asks whether it meets with her approval. She tells him that she thinks Helen will love it, and he tells her that she's mistaken: this is going to be her office. She pauses for just a second and tells him, "Yes. This will be fine." And if that's her office, what the hell does Helen's office look like? I mean, does she get a solid gold desk or something? He leaves her, and Donna looks around her office with an expression of joy on her face.

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