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Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow

Ronna leads Santos into the Oval Office. The furniture in the room is almost, but not quite, exactly like the furniture the movers took out earlier. Santos walks over to his desk and picks up the envelope that Jed left. He opens it and reads the note, which has mysteriously changed from six lines to about three. There must be spies in the White House. Santos reads the note (to himself) and smiles. He takes a breath and puts the note away, and Ronna asks, "Shall we get started with the Joint Chiefs, sir?"

C.J. walks out of the White House gate onto Pennsylvania Avenue. As she's walking down the street, someone says, "Excuse me." She takes a couple more steps before she turns back to see what he wants. It's a man with a young girl. He asks C.J. if she works in the White House. After a second, she tells him, "No. No, I'm sorry, I don't." But it's clear to me that she's not sorry at all. She agrees with him that it must be something to work in the White House, and walks away.

In the Oval Office, Santos thanks the Joint Chiefs for their input and tells him he'll speak with them tomorrow. The military types all leave, and Josh, Sam, and Bram enter. Santos tells them that the military wants ten thousand more troops in Kazakhstan. Sam and Santos talk about whether or not it is good idea. Josh slowly smiles at Santos. Santos asks what he's smiling about, and Josh tells him, "You look good back there." As though Santos hasn't heard Josh say that a million times before. And then Ronna steps in to bram Santos away to the Residence so that he can start getting ready for all of the balls. He's clearly feeling his power, because he tells Ronna to tell Helen that he'll be up in fifteen more minutes. Sam and Bram leave. Santos looks at Josh and asks, "What's next?" They both sit, and Josh starts briefing him on some other issue.

A flight attendant walks through the former Air Force One and knocks on a door. Jed tells her to enter. It was so nice of the government to let him keep the plane. She's there to tell him that they'll be landing in a while. Jed stands up, and we see that Abbey is in the room. Jed puts something in his briefcase and finds the package that Mallory left for him. He unwraps it and opens the box. It's the napkin on which Leo scrawled "Bartlet for America" on that day so many years ago. He takes the framed napkin, hands it to Abbey, and sits beside her. She asks him, "What are you thinking about?" He looks out the window and tells her, "Tomorrow." We cut to an exterior shot of the plane. Credits.

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