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In the Residence-Elect (a.k.a., Blair House), Helen and Santos get dressed for the day. She asks for his opinion of which necklace to wear (he prefers the gold cross), and then decides to wear the exact opposite (the pearls). Helen asks him what he's putting on, and Santos tells her that he's wearing long underwear. She's concerned that it will make him look "bulky," (by which she means "fat"), but he tells her, "Lou doesn't want me to wear an overcoat when I take the oath of office." And that's the only mention we get of Lou this episode. Since she's helping to select the inaugural wardrobe, I can only assume that she accepted Josh's offer to stay on as Director of Communications. (We also don't get any mention of Otto in this ep. I could imagine that he went looking for another job after Josh's temper tantrum, but I prefer to think that he and Lou are holed up in a little love nest somewhere). Helen claims it will be "ten below" outside -- I have to think she's exaggerating, based on all of the other evidence we see. She is a Houstonian, so I imagine any weather in D.C. in January would feel like ten below to her. Santos is still putting on his pants when Bram knocks on the door and enters. He's there to bram Santos away to a meeting, but is unsuccessful due to the fact that Santos is only half-dressed. Partial nudity -- the best defense against bramming. Bram leaves, and Helen expresses concern that he just knocked and walked in. Santos offers to bring it up with Bram, and Helen suggests that they devise a signal for when they want privacy, "like a necktie on the doorknob." She ties his tie, and they joke a bit about the fact that Santos is about to receive the nuclear launch codes. Helen smiles, and says, "'Come on, it'll be an adventure.' That's what said when you wanted to run for City Council and I didn't want you to. 'Come on. It'll be an adventure.'" She finishes fussing with his tie and collar, and runs her hands over his torso, smoothing out his shirt. She looks him in the eye and whispers, "Perfect."

C.J. enters the building and is immediately confronted by Charlie, who tells her that there's an ice storm warning for "all of southern New England." C.J. wonders whether there's anything they can do. Charlie tells her, "Send them some salt." He also tells her that the Pardon Attorney is waiting on the signed pardons. Jed has approved a total of fifty-three requests for relief, and the only name that's arguably controversial is some grandmother who was arrested for selling medicinal marijuana. They walk into Margaret's office, and C.J. calls her "Sunshine." She tells them that Will is in her office and that the Chief Usher is waiting to meet with her.

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