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Santos stares pensively out of the window of his limousine on the ride back from Mass. He and Helen chat about the homily (a.k.a. "sermon" for you non-Catholics), which was slightly political in tone. And then they chat about the nine inaugural balls -- like, did they have no idea what a big to-do this all was?

Back in the Oval, Debbie is nagging Jed about his schedule, telling him that he has nineteen minutes until Santos and Helen show up. He's still wearing the sweatshirt, and writing his note to Santos. He signs the note (which is about six lines long) and very slowly folds it up and seals it in an envelope. Which is great, because it's about thirty seconds that I don't have to recap. Jed tells Debbie that he's finished, and she asks him what he's doing with the final pardon warrant. Jed claims that there's still time, and she calmly tells him, "Not much." And that's so much less about the clock than it is about her sense of how much Jed is wrestling with himself over Toby's pardon. But he claims to have two hours and nineteen minutes, and she tells him he really has two hours and eighteen minutes. C.J. enters, and is surprised to see that Jed has not already left for the Residence to get dressed. She's holding Mallory's present and she hands it to Jed, who expresses disappointment that Mallory didn't stop to see him. Debbie's getting frustrated, and tells Jed that he only has sixteen minutes to get ready. Jed: "I'm a fast dresser." Debbie: "Not that fast." She snatches the gift away from him and tells him that she'll see that it's waiting for him on the plane. C.J. notes that Jed's note to Santos is on the desk, and you can tell that she sees Toby's warrant there, as well. But she restrains herself from saying anything about it, and I think that's a lot less to do with her sense that the President should make that decision than it is about the fact that she's wrestling with herself over Toby's pardon. After a bit, Jed tells her, "It's been a pleasure, Claudia Jean." C.J.: "The pleasure's been all mine, sir." Lord, she's beautiful. She walks out. Jed, looking like a scared old man, sits down, looks to the heavens, sighs, and signs Toby's pardon. And then he stands up and raps his hand sharply on the desk, almost like a judge marking the end of a hearing. He picks up the pardon and walks towards Debbie's office.

Commercials, one of which is for Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip Couldn't Bradley Whitford have at least done something different with his hair?

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