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Sam enters Josh's office, while he's...oh Lord, trimming his neck hair with an electric shaver, as he reads a document. Josh, you're a guy. Take the ten minutes to have an actual other person give you a haircut, for the love. Sam looks completely horrified, as he should. Josh hasn't seen him, and Sam says, "I may have forgotten about the hours." Josh, for all of his bravado, is stunned: "You're here." He runs over, and hands Sam a large pile of crap off a chair that I initially thought was so that Sam would have a place to sit down. I'll soon be corrected. What with all the grace Josh is exuding in shoving all this at his friend, Sam dryly comments, "Stop, your sentimentality is embarrassing us both." After a pause, Sam asks, "When is the last time you took a vacation?" Josh appears not to know the word. Sam goes on to helpfully explain, "Time off from labor? Thought to be restorative? Salubrious for body and soul?" Seeing Josh next to Sam only accentuates how well groomed the latter is and how the former...well, I'm glad I don't have Smell-o-Vision; that's how bad and rumpled Josh looks. Josh tells Sam that he doesn't remember when he last took a vacation, and Sam replies, "Okay, if I'm your boss that's really the wrong answer." He goes on to talk about people's...political...brains -- he's blowing mine, as it goes mostly over my head -- but the bottom line is that people like "them" need occasional time off. Josh is oh-so-politely barely listening, instead focusing on his Blackberry and then on a phone call, but Sam forges ahead, and tries to convince Josh that he could find a week to take off. Here's where I'm corrected about all of the stuff Josh handed to Sam: it turns out to be Sam's schedule, and Josh rushes through an explanation about Sam's meetings. Sam: "I haven't officially said yes." Josh barely hears him to agree, and then introduces him to the room, where the staffers applaud the new Deputy Chief of Staff. (Maybe.)

Donna meets up with Josh, and comments, "You look terrible." It's been beaten into the ground, but it's never been truer. She goes on to tell him about the First Lady's Chief of Staff offer, looking completely pleased. It takes a second, but once the words reach his brain, Josh actually stops and turns to congratulate her. She has the most glowing genuine grin on her face: "I'm to think it over." Josh takes the happy moment to give her another job offer -- Deputy Press Secretary, under Lou's Communications Director. It's worthwhile to note that I have no idea if Lou really accepted or if this is another Sam-type thing. Donna immediately gets serious and nips the idea in the bud: "One thing I know for sure is I can't work for you. If something's happening with us personally, it won't work, and if something isn't...well, it won't work so good either." "Well," Donna. "Well." Thank God you're not going to be in Communications since your basic grammar is mixed up. Not happy just to make one suggestion at the exact wrong time, Josh sputters, "About that..." and tells her that he can't follow her time frame. Donna only chirps, "Three weeks, six days to go. We'll see." She stares after him, looking like she clearly knows he'll work it out. She's pretty AND smart.

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