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Good Cop, Bad Cop

Back in his office, Josh seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, searching his desk, increasingly agitated with each second. He yells for Otto, who tells him, "There's an intercom." Not amused, Josh snarls, "Yeah, if I wanted to use the intercom I'd use the intercom." My heart goes out to Otto for not having any idea how to act in the new environment: with Josh increasingly frantic, it's as if all the rules have changed and no one told him. Josh tells Otto that he's looking for his Blackberry, and Otto -- glad to have the right answer for once -- tells Josh that Otto has it. Unfortunately, it turns out to not be the right answer at all, when Josh goes completely ballistic, screaming at him. When Otto points out that Josh gave it to him ten minutes ago, that only serves to feed the fire. Josh actually yells at him not to use initiative, and when Otto counters that he's aiming above "assistant," Josh goes even more insane about him needing to do his job right, etc., and not leaving him stranded for ten minutes. Yes, this whole thing is about ten minutes. Welcome to why I have a personal PDA vendetta these days. You can walk five feet without email, people! Try it! You might like being unreachable every once in a while! By now, the whole office is listening. Josh finishes screaming like a lunatic, and sends Otto for the Blackberry. Sam has walked in to witness the end of the meltdown and is actually staring, open-mouthed. Otto looks like he might cry, and Sam stops Otto and tells him, "I got it," and gently takes the device. I want to hug Otto -- I'm cringing just watching this scene.

When Sam shows his Blackberry to him, Josh screams, wondering whether Otto is scared to face him. Sam hushes him, and also won't actually give it back. Josh glares and taps his foot, causing his whole body to shake. He looks very much like a three-year-old having a temper tantrum. Sam closes the door: "I didn't come here because you're such a silver-tongued recruiter or because I got tired of summer in January." He goes on to say that Santos might end up being The Man, but only with Josh's help navigating through the political BS, and if it turns out great, then Sam wants to be a part of it. But Sam points out that the job will be hard, and that Josh needs to be at his best, not a million miles from it like he is now. He gives Josh his second ultimatum of the week: Josh must take a vacation, or Sam's out the door. "One of us is getting on a plane tonight," says Sam. "If it's you, you're back in a week. If it's me, I'm gone, adios, for good." Sam smacks the Blackberry down: "Your call." With that, he leaves the office.

Santos is waiting for Bartlet, and Debbie's got the flirt turned up to 11. She charmingly comments on his height, and asks whether he played college sports: "My sister thinks that you're very attractive." Bartlet walks in, actually throws a file onto her desk, and tells Santos, "She doesn't have a sister," before wishing him a good morning and ushering him into the Oval Office. Debbie just gazes after Santos, a great twinkle in her eye.

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