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Good Cop, Bad Cop

Elevator doors ding open, and out walks Josh "Take That Minuscule Tip From The American Public, You Snotrag" Lyman. He jets into an office and dances quickly past the distracted receptionist and down a hall around the corner.

Santos is now on the phone verbally glad-handing the German Chancellor. After he hangs up, Ronna tells him that it's time for Russia's President, and there's a long silent moment. Ronna adds, "He's one of the G8s." "He's also a leader of a nation we may find ourselves exchanging hostile fire with any minute," says Santos. But after a not-really-long-enough pause, he just says, "Call him." Jimmy Smits needed to play that line just a little bit better for me to believe that he cared at all.

There's some sort of meeting with a lot of suits in a room and a panoramic view of shrubbery on mountains out the wall of windows behind them. I have no idea what they could be talking about, but it doesn't really matter since, at that moment, Josh opens the door and walks in. Boring Meeting Leader asks whether he can help Josh, when the chair in front of Josh swivels, and we see Sam! Cute Sam, who looks only the teeniest bit plastic. Sam swivels back to the table, and tells them he'll need to be excused for a moment, all without Josh uttering a word. Sam's up out of the ergonomic chair, and, as he walks out, says to Josh, "I thought you'd never call."

Sam and Josh are walking out of an office building with palm trees in front, so we know it's California. Josh is saying, "You knew you'd hear from me." Sam: "Gave me a chance to hone my turndown." That's why Josh came in person, and Sam adds, "Gives it a nice nostalgic symmetry." "Style points!" Josh gives himself. "If nothing else," Sam concedes, but Josh adds, "Substance, too. This guy's the real deal." "You said that last time," Sam points out, and Josh replies, "Yeah, and look how right I was!" (Although this time it seems like Santos is not a real enough deal to keep viewers watching the show, but I digress.) Josh is undeterred: "Tell me you don't miss it." "I don't miss it," Sam replies evenly. "Liar," Josh accuses. "Attorney," Sam corrects. Touché, Sam. Sam congratulates Josh on the work he's done, and Josh poo-poohs it, saying that it's here on out that's important. Knowing where he's going, Sam asks, "Do you know how much I'm making now?" Josh doesn't want to know: "It's gonna make me want to puke." Sam: "Not make you want to. You'll actually puke." Man, why didn't I become a lawyer? I wouldn't be hanging out in plaid Gap pajama pants with a striped sweater right now if I had, I'll tell you that. Well, come to think of it, I probably would be. I'd just be having a really high-quality glass of wine at the same time. Josh tries to convince Sam that his bags of money mean that he can come take a pay cut to work in Washington, but Sam is happy with what he's doing now.

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