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Good Cop, Bad Cop

Ronna comes into the room, asking, "Did the Congressman find his glove?" Bram's there and tells her carefully, "Uh, no...but the President-Elect did." Ronna's miffed at herself for making the mistake again, and, as she's deep into self-flagellation, has the crap scared right out of her as Josh bursts through his office door. He coughs and sniffles, mentioning that he got in around 6 or 6:15. As Josh throws back a handful of Tums, he says that the travel threw him off an hour. Ronna guesses that this means he's usually in around 7; Josh corrects her that it's usually around 5. Otto is ordered to schedule a meeting with someone named Graden, and Otto actually begins to stare at the ceiling, not hiding the fact that he's trying to figure out who that is. Josh moves over, chewing like a cow, and snottily informs him, "This doesn't reflect well on your hopes for advancement." This triggers Otto's memory, and he spits out who Graden is, but you can tell that Josh doesn't care at all. Ronna and Bram watch him surreptitiously out of the corners of their eyes, with an air of embarrassment.

Josh and Santos walk into Santos's office, talking about Attorney General possibilities. Josh seems to know what Santos is talking about, but also manages to seem like he's not paying any attention, despite the correct responses coming out of his mouth. Santos asks him how the White House staffing is going, and Josh mumbles a bit. Man, he looks like shit. Josh asks Santos how the Kazakhstan situation is going. "It's a mess," Santos replies, somewhat angrily. "It's a mess. And they're depositing it on our doorstep." Josh just tells Santos that there's nothing they can do until he's in office. Ronna comes in to tell Josh that Donna is there. After Josh leaves, Santos asks Ronna to set up a call with Goodwin: "And then there's one other international call that I want to return. President Lian." Ronna is taken aback, and tells Santos that China's not one of the G8s. "I'm aware," he replies, with no humor in his voice at all. She tells him, "Right away, sir." He looks stern, and sighs.

C.J. is taking Josh on a tour of sorts, and tells him that they "put out a directive that White House personnel be as helpful as possible to the Santos team." Josh asks her lightly, "No desk drawers super-glued shut?" "That was an urban legend," she maintains. Josh is having none of it: "First day? I needed a crowbar." She assures him, "Well, none of that." She's smiling, and they both seem to enjoy seeing each other. Josh tells C.J. that the President-Elect wants to move into "Blair House," and she lets him know that Margaret will make the arrangements. C.J. tells Josh that most of this will be easy: "I mean, it's not like you don't know your way around this place." But she offers that any of his staff can come "hang out with their counterparts for a couple of hours."

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