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Rose Garden of Gethsemane

Situation Room. The President's sitting in his usual place, but the camera is behind him. Nancy's at the opposite end of the table. Leo's asking what the conditions are inside the embassy. Nancy says, "They've still got running water, but the power's been cut. The emergency generator's got about twenty-four hours." Leo asks, "Any injuries?" One guy says there aren't any injuries, but the deputy chief is diabetic and is running out of insulin. Leo asks whether the Red Cross can help with that; someone says yes. As the camera slowly makes its way around to face Jed, Leo asks, "What's outside?" Nancy: "About 1200 troops now with A-15s positioned outside the gates. They've got four 105-mm Howitzers..." Leo: "Which are trained at?" Nancy: "Our front door." Jed toys with a cigarette and pretends to be paying attention, but his mind is drifting. A bell is quietly chiming. Nancy says, "Mr. President, we want to send Fitzwallace down there." Jed asks, "Why?" As she explains something about a Haitian general named Frances St. Jacques, the single bell sound blossoms into several, very churchy-sounding bells...

...and the scene fades to one from Jed's memory. A bunch of young, white boys in typical private-school uniforms (blue blazers, white shirts, striped ties, grey pants) are standing around in the courtyard of a religious school. We hear a man calling, "Jed! Jed!" Jed's younger self doesn't hear him, but one of his friends points out to him that his father's calling him. Young Jed, who's not exactly a doppelganger for the young Martin Sheen, runs over to the man. From the clothing on non-uniformed people walking around, you can surmise it's most likely the very late 1950s or early 1960s. A humourless-looking man with an intimidatingly high forehead (Lawrence O'Donnell) asks, "Didn't you hear me calling you?" Jed nervously replies, "No sir, I didn't...I was...I didn't." A grim-looking man is standing with the senior Bartlet; Jed's father gestures to him, and then hands a cigarette butt to Jed, saying, "Mr. Spence found this cigarette butt on the floor in the aisle of the chapel." Jed dutifully says, "People shouldn't put their cigarettes out in the chapel, Mr. Spence." Jed's father says, "Well, people shouldn't be smoking in the chapel, I think, is my point, Jed. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Jed: "Yes, sir." Dad: "Could you tell your friends, please?" Jed says "Yeah," as he starts to run back to his friends. His father asks him to hang on, because he wants him to meet someone. Dad explains that she's going to be taking over in his office for Mrs. Tillinghouse. His father beckons to a blonde woman in a grey suit and black hat standing nearby. She comes over and Dad says, "This is Dolores Landingham. Mrs. Landingham, this is my eldest son, Jed." They just kind of beam at each other. Without even speaking, it's clear she radiates the mannerisms and energy infused in the role of Mrs. Landingham by Kathryn Joosten. The woman playing the younger Dolores is extremely well-cast.

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