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Rose Garden of Gethsemane

Inside the church, the lighting is just fantastic; it's absolutely of cinematographic quality. The impossibly high arches of the cathedral lead the eye to an enormous, beautiful rose window above the entrance. Most of the congregants are already seated; Abby and Jed walk to the front of the room. She's wearing her usual four- or five-inch spike heels and a pretty tightly-fitting, short-skirted curvy suit for a First Lady to be wearing to a funeral, to say nothing of the aforementioned pimpin' hat. She looks much more like she's attending the spring fashion shows in Paris than the funeral of a dear family friend and employee. Once they're seated, the clergyman begins, "'"I am the Resurrection and I am Life," says the Lord. "Whoever believes in Me shall live, even though he die."' God of Mercy, You are the hope of sinners, the joy of saints. We pray for our sister Dolores whose body we honour with Christian burial." The camera is showing us shots of all the various staff members. Margaret has seen fit, for reasons best known to her and God, to wear a hat, which, combined with the new haircut, makes me think of the storybook character Madeleine for some reason. "Give her happiness with Your saints, and raise up her body with the saints at the Last Day to be in Your presence forever." I'm stunned by how beautiful and natural the light in the church looks; it's one of the best lighting jobs I've ever seen on television. "As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and that at the last, He will stand upon the Earth..." The camera lingers on Jed's unbearably sad expression, and we hear the young Mrs. Landingham calling Jed's name. The clergyman continues, "After my awaking, He will raise me up, and in my body, I shall see God, and my eyes behold Him who is my friend..."

We drift out, along with Jed, back to 1950- or 60-whatever. He's hosing down some watercraft -- sculls if I don't miss my guess -- when Mrs. Landingham comes up to him. He says, "I'm trying to do an honest day's work, Mrs. Landingham." She points out a spot he missed. He says he didn't miss it, he just hasn't gotten to it yet. The voice of the actor playing young Mrs. Landingham is so dead-on I have to look closely to convince myself she's not lip-synching. He tells her, "You have a habit of doing that, you know?" She asks, "What's that?" He replies, "Telling me I'm doing something wrong before I've had a chance to do it at all." She brightly says, "Well, that must be a little annoying." He agrees. She announces she has a project for him: "You can show the courage and intellect and leadership skills everyone talks about." He says he's a bit busy hosing down the boats. She says, "You know the women who work at this school are paid less money than the men?" He didn't actually know that. She asks, "You think your father does?" For what it's worth, I think his father knows, and moreover, I'd bet anything you want that he doesn't give a damn.

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