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The Biggest Non-Scandal Of All Time

A female reporter starts to badger Vinick about whether San Andreo is "completely" safe, and he admits that he never should have used that word in his debate. Josh watches, still on the phone, as Vinick tries to compare nuclear power to driving a car, and how that isn't completely safe. So far, a good point, but unfortunately, Vinick's still coming off as kind of insulting to those Californians who do drive cars -- namely, all of them. Toby's watching, too, and seems to be fixing some sort of a toy truck, which has just caused my coal-black heart to grow at least a size or two. Vinick speaks about needing tougher regulations to keep nuclear power safe, causing a reporter to ask whether he's blaming the Bartlet Administration. Somehow I feel like I've recapped this entire thing before. Vinick takes all of the blame off Bartlet, but also talks about increasing regulations, which earns him the accusation that he didn't worry about that when the plant was built in the first place. Female Reporter has done her homework, and knows all about the letters Vinick wrote, when the plant was being built, about the "burdensome regulations" slowing things down. When accused of pushing hard to get the plant built, Vinick replies, "I don't do anything half-heartedly." This elicits a bit of a giggle from the reporters. Aaaahhhh, the TV giggle of They're Starting to Crack. There's a showdown. Female Reporter continues to ask Vinick whether he regrets writing the letter, until he gives and admits that he does. Josh is baffled, but Toby explains that he's "trying to get it behind him." Toby's also starting to think that Vinick's plan could be working: "He's starting to sound like the straight-talking Arnie again." Josh might throw up. While he's dishing out good news, Toby also lets Josh know, "And he's killing your free media day in California." Okay, now, Toby, I love you, but if you'll just read back a few pages, that was entirely your idea. Josh echoes my thoughts exactly: "Yeah, whose bright idea was that? I forget?"

Lou and Santos are leaving, and Josh's stellar advice is for him to go back inside and set up another press conference. Santos replies, "Dueling press conferences. No." But...a DUEL! Forget the press conference, I want to see swashbuckling. I'd be completely back on board with this campaign if they could add a little spice in the form of swordplay. However, with a dearth of better ideas, Santos heads back inside, which just seems weird and desperate after he's just said goodbye to everyone.

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