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The Biggest Non-Scandal Of All Time

Bruno is watching everything unfold on TV. Jane's counting off that it's now been two hours, forty-eight minutes of press-conference goodness. She's whining about it, but Bruno asks, "You think he might have a better feel for California politics than we do?" Jane bitches. And bitches. And no one cares about the sound of her voice, least of all Bruno, who is actually listening to what Vinick is saying. Vinick continues, "My job is to make the best decision I can with the information I have at the time." He manages to spin the entire thing into a pretty damn good statement on his leadership -- that now he has that much more experience, and better judgment, and is more mature and can bring that to all situations, even managing to bring in Kazakhstan and how that will involve tough decisionmaking. As Bruno and Toby watch on their respective boob tubes, Vinick finally shuts the reporters up. No one has any more questions -- not even Female Reporter, who we've just uselessly learned is named Ellen. Toby appreciatively murmurs, "Damn, this guy is good." Bruno murmurs, "Son of a bitch."

At Vinick's office, Jane takes a call from the Speaker as Vinick walks in to applause from the staff. Bruno walks in and asks Jane what's up. She happily -- yet with a touch of humility, I like to think -- says that the Speaker thinks the press conference was "brilliant." "I hope you took full credit," Bruno replies, and he gets a half smile from Jane. MSNBC wants someone live, and Jane graciously offers to do it.

Vinick asks Bob how they are doing on time, and then tells him that he wants to arrange a quick meeting with Santos alone when they arrive in Los Angeles. Vinick won't give Bob, who doesn't know about the briefcase, the reason. Bob agrees to try, but seems to think that "It's personal" might not necessarily fly with Santos's staff.

Jane is in front of a camera giving a glowing press conference about how Vinick doesn't duck the hard questions, and Bruno just looks bored, which is brilliant. He answers his phone, and it's Josh asking him what's up with this meeting. Bruno plays off the fact that he technically doesn't know about the meeting either (he only knows about the briefcase itself) and agrees with Josh that he's uncomfortable with the situation as well. Bruno reports the call to Vinick and lets him know that he told Josh "the truth": "That it's the first I've heard of [the meeting]." Vinick just lets Bruno know he wants to give the briefcase back: "When in doubt, do the right thing." Damn, but he's getting good tying his necktie with one hand. "The rest of the time, get away with whatever you can." they both chorus simultaneously, and share a laugh. Vinick supposes "one of those Louisiana governors" coined that. "Probably from his jail cell," Bruno adds.

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