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The Biggest Non-Scandal Of All Time

Bruno knocks on the door and is allowed in. Vinick is having total remorse about letting Sheila quit, since it didn't have the desired effect of giving his campaign a "fresh start": "I should have just put Jane out there in front of the cameras, let her energize the base...and ignore her!" "We are ignoring her," Bruno brilliantly quips. Vinick observes that, as of right now, the press is completely on Santos's side and doing all of his work for him. Even with Bartlet sending troops to Kazakhstan, Vinick's nuclear quote is still the biggest news. He sits back in frustrated silence, and Bruno breaks in to say, "You know what I really hate about Jane?" Vinick lets out a little laugh, and I assume that, like me, he's thinking, "That she wasn't the one they sent in to fix the leak at the nuclear plant?" Sadly, Bruno's answer is, "She's not always wrong. We need a new strategy for the last two weeks." Unfortunately for Vinick, Bruno admits that he doesn't have a better idea than she does.

Philadelphia. As Santos walks offstage, he asks Josh, "California?" He reminds Josh that he thought the state was too big, but Josh insists, "That was then." "That was yesterday," Santos points out. Josh insists, Santos unconvinced, that he rethought the idea, and that this makes more sense financially. Instead of buying costly California media and campaigning in Ohio, they buy spots in Ohio and get news coverage of the California trip. Voilà, free media. Why, Lou! Hello! Back as if she hasn't been gone for weeks, she's at the table backing up Josh's argument. Wouldn't it be better if this were all in musical format? Like Santos says, "California?" Josh emphatically answers, "California!" And then a bevy of backup singers, led by Lou, come prancing in doing jazz hands in formation and explaining their logic. It would definitely make this episode a billionty times more entertaining than it is right now. They could chant behind Josh, "Build the lead! Press will explode! Other states will folllll-looooooow." And Josh and Lou join in for the big finale, "California's the keeeeeeeeeeey!" At that, how could Santos do anything but agree? And then in an emphatic last line, Santos adds, "But I want a full schedule of California events tomorrow. From breakfast till lights out." And exit stage right. [Wild applause.]

Vinick is also in Philly, not shaking hands. As his group walks in, they run into Santos and his gang in the hallway. There's a stare-off, and Santos heads the opposite way to the elevator, looking much more assured than Vinick.

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