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The Biggest Non-Scandal Of All Time

Meanwhile, Santos is settling in on the plane and -- can you even guess what's coming? -- asks for his briefcase. Bram goes and tells Otto that Santos needs the briefcase. Otto thinks Bram had it. They go through a few moments of "you had it," "no, YOU had it," which would be playing nicely into the musical theme if they'd just start snapping their hands and doing a few kicky dance moves at each other. Bram and Otto agree to search the plane, and assume that the briefcase must have been checked.

Bruno, meanwhile, is rifling through his new treasure. He holds something he's found inside, and looks up and down, brow furrowed in thought. He finally snaps the case closed thoughtfully.

Back on the plane, Santos asks Bram about his suitcase, despite Bram's best efforts to turn invisible and not catch the Congressman's eye using the stealthy "if I keep my back to him I bet he won't notice me" tactic. He sheepishly exclaims that they can't find it, ha ha, he and Otto each thought the other one had it. Santos is definitely not amused, sounding quite worried as he asks, "You lost my briefcase?" Bram assures him that they are checking all of the compartments on the plane, and that it was probably checked. Not one to just rely on blind hope, Santos orders Bram to call Philadelphia and check everywhere that they were in case it was left behind. As Bram leaves, Lou gives Santos a "What the hell got your panties in a wad?" shrug and sarcastically says, "I hope you didn't have any super-secret strategy memos in that briefcase." Santos interestedly asks, "We have super-secret strategy memos?" "I wish we did," Lou sighs. ["There's a nice one outlined starting here." -- Wing Chun]

Lou is watching the ever-present Jane on MSNBC, announcing Vinick's trip to California. Josh is operating as he does best -- in a full panic. He's on the phone with Toby, railing at the Vinick campaign for trying to steal Santos's free media. Toby calmly tells him just to spin it that Vinick needs to chase Santos out of California. Josh slowly clues in that this would turn all of the stories into "the Santos surge in California." He calls Lou to give her the update and, while on the phone, she asks what Santos keeps in his briefcase. Nothing out of the ordinary, though I feel a bit like I want to giggle that he keeps a toothbrush in there; it's exactly the kind of dorky thing I myself would do, so I have to keep mum. Lou mentions that Santos seems worried about it, but Josh just attributes it to end-of-campaign nerves. "So there's nothing bad in there," Lou confirms. "Like?" Josh replies. Lou: "I don't know -- heroin? Porn?" Josh: "Nah, that's all mine." Hee. But also? This storyline is not making much sense, since everyone seems to think Santos is somehow overreacting about his briefcase's disappearance. I realize that this is a setup for "Oh no! Something incriminating is in there!" However, isn't it only natural to be pissed that the case carrying your papers is missing, no matter who you are or what your job is? I don't know, I guess I'm making too much sense. It must be all of the cold medicine I'm on that's addling my brain. Back to the regularly scheduled wide-eyed astonishment.

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