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The Biggest Non-Scandal Of All Time

Back at Vinick's camp, Annie lets the candidate know that the San Andreo conference is set for noon. Bob gives Vinick a couple of evening event options, mentioning, to Vinick's surprise, that Santos will be at one of the events. As Annie works on taping up his hand, Bob suggests that they go to the San Diego event, where Santos won't be, but Vinick interrupts him to say that they're going to L.A.: "I want to get in his face. I want Santos to see if he wants to take California, he's going to have to rip it out of my hands." In that thoughtful, endearing way of hers, Jane comes in and announces that it will look like Vinick is chasing Santos. Bob points out that they can't change a trip they've already announced; Jane pounces and desperately tells them that they can get out as soon as possible. Vinick shoots her down. There's a shot of Bruno, quietly observing and looking sly, and nonchalantly putting the briefcase he found down on a chair. Vinick, meanwhile, lets loose on Jane for attacking everything he's doing, asserting that he doesn't have a fifty-state strategy anymore. Now he only cares about one state: California: "The one state that has everything: big cities, small towns, mountains, deserts, farms, factories, fisherman, surfers, all races, all religions, gays, straights, everything this country has. There's more real America in California than anywhere else. If I can win California, I can win the country." (Woo! My home state!) Jane shoots Vinick down, letting him know that all of the other states in the union don't agree about his idea of the Sunshine State.

Bob tries to stop this tired routine. (Yes, tired: even though Jane's barely been on the campaign, they can't have any other conversation than a variation of this one.) Bruno just looks on like a mischievous little lass. Jane resorts to pleading the one thing she cares about -- that Vinick should not to go to San Andreo. Instead, Jane urges him to go to his hometown of Santa Paula. (Hey, that's near where I grew up! In high school, that's where everyone wanted to take their driver's test because, short of running over a small child, anyone at all would pass the test on the first try. Sadly, I've heard that they buckled down a bit on this in the past few years and that you might need some actual skill now.) Vinick stands tall, insisting that he needs to face the problem head-on, and pretty much shuts Jane down. He dismisses her: "We'll talk about Florida tomorrow night. If you're right, then they'll be chasing me out of California by then." Everyone but Bruno files out of the room.

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