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The Biggest Non-Scandal Of All Time

Ignoring small talk, Vinick asks Bruno if he's crazy. Bruno's reply is, "It's been a tough couple of weeks." Nice answer; I guess that means yes to the crazy? Vinick, still struggling with his one good hand, clarifies that it's been a nightmare, and as he's mumbling, Bruno jumps in to say that this race would have gotten close no matter what happened. Vinick just laments the numbers, saying that, before the accident, they "had this thing locked." "Still do," Bruno replies quietly, picking up the briefcase. Vinick is eating grapes -- a food he can actually handle -- and retorts that Bruno now sounds crazy. Bruno sets down the briefcase, and Vinick leaves the room, remarking that it isn't his. Bruno replies that he knows, and that it belongs to Santos. Understandably, Vinick goes about his puttering, not believing Bruno for a second. There's a bit of back and forth until finally, Vinick asks, "That's really Matt Santos's briefcase?" This after Bruno has admitted to opening it up to find out its owner. Immediately, Vinick says, "I don't want to know anything more about this. I want to be able to say I had nothing to do with this. I didn't know anything about it." He can't believe Bruno stole the briefcase, but Bruno protests that he found it, rather than having stolen it, but Vinick points out that Bruno didn't give it back. I think there's something funny there in those semantics, but my brain is too fried from how BORING THIS EPISODE HAS BEEN to come up with anything. Bruno's smart, and playing this without saying much. Vinick comes to realize that the reason Bruno must still have it is that he found something in it, but Bruno only counters that Vinick didn't want to know. Well, that's usually a ploy when dealing with a kindergartener, but equally effective this time. The struggle plays across Vinick's face, and Bruno tells him, "It can make you President."

Vinick starts to crack, saying that he needs to speak to a lawyer. Bruno tells him that, with what they've got, the election is in the bag: "So, you do not have to go to California tomorrow, and do that painful press conference which is gonna play like the nuclear accident was somehow your fault." He goes on, convincing Vinick that he can campaign on his own terms, and not appear to be chasing Santos. Bruno starts to describe the contents -- in particular, a journal -- while Vinick yells at Bruno not to tell him. Way to make the decision for him, there, Bruno. This journal contains dates, and meetings, and notes: "What he really thinks about the Vice-President, what a bad campaigner he thinks Leo McGarry is..." Do you really, as a presidential candidate, carry around notes like that? I know it's your personal stuff, but don't you have a tiny bit of discretion, just in case things happen just like this very situation? And ouch, since Leo did save Santos's ass in his VP debate.

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