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The Biggest Non-Scandal Of All Time

The journal, however, is not the interesting thing. There is a checkbook inside, very plain, with just "M. Santos" and no other information on it, from which a regular check has been written each month to someone named Anita Morales. It seems that there was an Anita Morales working for Governor Santos in Houston nine years earlier. Vinick is silent. Bruno eggs him on: "Come on, you've heard the rumors about Matt Santos." "There are rumors about all of us," Vinick says softly. Clearly uncomfortable, Vinick asserts that they need to give back the briefcase, while Bruno details the scandal that would erupt -- the media, the paternity test, etc. "We can't do this," Vinick tells him. "I can't do this." I applaud him for actually being the bigger man here. ["Not that it takes much doing to be a bigger man than Bruno." -- Wing Chun] Bruno is all goodness and light, telling Vinick, "I work for you. I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to do," so Vinick orders him to give the briefcase back to the Secret Service immediately. But Bruno plants one last seed, saying that this could be the "tip of the iceberg" of Santos's secrets. Bruno suggests that they sleep on it and discuss it again in the morning. Vinick is silent, upset and indecision on his face. "Just tell me what you want me to do, Senator," says Bruno. Vinick's still silent a moment, and then says, "Keep it." Bruno knocks the table and heads out, and Vinick looks mildly ill, though that's kind of his face every day now.

In Fresno, a crowd screams for Santos, and Lou is updating someone on the phone about what a great crowd they had in San Francisco earlier that morning. And holy tattoos, Lou! At the risk of turning completely into my mother, is that at all appropriate for a campaign? Everyone is dressed neatly, and she's in a black tank and leather cuff watch, body art gracing both arms. While this is a great weekend look, I'm thinking that crunch campaign time deserves, I don't know...sleeves? She's assuring Josh over the phone that they have a ton of cameras out there, and that they'll "rule the six o'clock news," despite there being no live coverage at the moment. Everyone is feeling great, and Santos is Mr. America, helping catch a balloon that a kid nearly loses. At headquarters, Bram and Otto walk into a room with the Fresno news on behind them, and a story about Santos becomes a lead-in to the Vinick press conference. Bram places an urgent call to Josh, who reports it to Lou and orders her to get Santos some coverage. On TV, Vinick is doing his San Andreo press conference. He tells the assembled media in front of the nuclear plant that he just took a tour, assures the public that it's safe, etc. When Josh realizes Vinick's topic, he calls Lou back a moment.

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