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Previously: Bartlet fired Toby; C.J. and Kate explained that the Russians would benefit most from Issatov's death; Santos challenged Vinick to a debate; and then there was the debate itself -- I'm cringing again at just a few seconds of it: Santos is wearing "liberal" as a badge of honor. (But not selling the line very convincingly.)

Lou is looking at her...cell phone? Blackberry? Really, it looks like a Gameboy to me. She's calling results through a door to Santos: 46% of voters have a more favorable opinion of him now, CNN/USA Today poll and Newsweek both call it a tie. It's 5:45 AM in Denver, fifty-three days before the election. As Lou speaks, a hair dryer comes on, and Lou and Edie express some disgust at Helen's unhelpfulness. Helen then hurriedly runs out of the room, much to their surprise. Edie: "He's running the hair dryer." Lou glances away from her portable poll-results holder: "Kinda wish you didn't know." Santos calls out, forcing Lou to yell the results once again, this time over the buzz of the dryer. Santos is now only seven points down. Helen tells him, "You're a rock star, sweetheart!," but runs around the room, distracted. Santos has gone up four points while Vinick has gone up only two. Helen asks how that can be, and Lou explains that now they're both pulling from undecideds, so the campaign needs to be happy with going up "more."

Edie then hands Santos a schedule, which he doesn't even glance at, calling Lou and Edie to deliver them a talking-to as Bram comes in to let everyone know that the bus is ready. Lou asks Santos if he knows what his average SMT was this week. (And what is it at all, I wonder?) Santos takes it all as a joke, accusing Bram of rounding up the number Lou's going to give him because Bram's "got money riding on it." "Ninety-two minutes," Lou interrupts him. He protests, "It's a lie!" Helen saves us all, asking what it all even means. Edie: "Santos Mean Time." It turns out he is consistently horrifically late, and Helen expresses surprise. Shouldn't she know this about her husband already? I had a boyfriend who ran late, and as much as I tried (and failed) to get us places on time, I just knew I was fighting a losing battle. I cannot believe that this is news to Helen. There's cutesy "it's not my fault" banter, and Lou is still staring at her Gameboy, finally telling Santos to look at the schedule and see if he "thinks it's something [he] can commit to." Edie has Santos initial the schedule, at which point he actually looks at it and wonders what "CS" means; he's told it stands for "change shirt." "Every two hours?" he squeaks. "It's for the sweating," Helen informs him as he walks by. "There's [sic] too many women in this room," Santos says, exasperated, as every guy has gone through when he gets surrounded by all of his girlfriends and given personal grooming/dating/lifestyle tips.

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