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In For A Penny, In For A Pound

Previously on The West Wing: Donna confessed to Josh that she and Cliff went on a date; C.J. thought the White House needs to pick a fight over the MS investigation; Hoynes tipped his hand and forced Jed's.

It's Sunday. You'd never know it, because there are pretty well as many people at work as there are on weekdays. There's a game on TV; it seems to be football. Lots of reporters are filing into the Briefing Room. Things have a more relaxed feel than usual. C.J.'s wearing grey trousers and a gorgeous red shirt. Allison Janney looks so wonderful in strong colours, especially red and royal blue. She's typically in greys, pale blues, white, and neutral shades on this show, except in evening wear. But she should wear lots more red. She looks so damn great in it. As people settle into their seats, one reporter asks C.J. whether it's known "what kind of gun it was." C.J. asks which one; the reporter means the first one. C.J. says it was a .38 pistol. C.J. tells them that a shooting took place approximately fifteen minutes into a 9:00 AM service at United Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas. I'm wondering why this is something the Press Secretary is addressing. It's not as if people shooting places up isn't a frighteningly common occurrence in the United States. C.J. suddenly stops, noticing someone in the audience and asks, "Will Sawyer, is that you?" The guy, played by Michael O'Keefe, says yes. She seems mildly amused, and asks, "You're back in the country?" He says he is. She inquires, "You working for the San Francisco Chronicle now?" Will: "No." C.J.: "Then you wanna get your ass out of their chair?" The other reporters giggle amongst themselves as he gets up. He's very tall. Taller than C.J. Hmm. Dude was unaware that there was assigned seating. C.J. says, "You see the little brass plaques with the names of media outlets on the front of the seats?" Will: "I thought that meant they made a generous contribution." Bwa! She advises him to find a seat in the back. He complies. C.J. continues telling reporters that a Darryl Bechtell walked into the church sanctuary; he is believed to have been looking for his estranged wife. "He fired off a round -- that was from the .38 -- missing his wife and hitting Harold Winter in the left shoulder. Mr. Winter is sixty-five and currently undergoing surgery at Abilene Regional Medical Center. Mr. Bechtell fired off anywhere between two and four more rounds at that point -- reports differ -- as the crowd began to scatter. That's when Ron Carl pulled a 9 mm Glock from under his suitcoat and fired off three rounds in the direction of Mr. Bechtell. It's unclear which of those rounds stuck Melissa Markey." Who, as it turns out, is a little girl whose ninth birthday is tomorrow. Anyone think she's going to survive this opening? Show of hands? Yeah. One reporter asks whether C.J. knows what charges might be brought against either shooter. She says the Abilene Sheriff's office will have to address that, but she knows that Bechtell's gun was registered and Carl had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Another reporter asks, "Doesn't Texas law prohibit carrying a weapon in a church or synagogue?" C.J. says the Sheriff should also address that, but that it's only prohibited if the church or synagogue visibly posts a sign to that effect. Carol steps onto the platform and hands C.J. a note. C.J. reads it, looks sad, and says, "Well...Melissa Markey died." Credits.

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