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In For A Penny, In For A Pound

VPOTUS AND POTUS are still at it. Jed asks Hoynes, "If guns are meant to deter the threat of crime, what's the point of concealing them? I mean, wouldn't you want the criminal to see that you've got a gun?" Hoynes says he supposes you would. Jed wants to know what the answer to that is, then. Hoynes really doesn't know. Isn't the idea supposedly to create uncertainty for the criminal? Of course, it mostly just creates uncertainty for everyone. Hoynes says, "I suppose the concern has more to do with the threat to the Second Amendment." Jed: "We can't all just agree that it's a stupid-ass amendment that was written before there were street lamps, much less police forces, and move on?" Hoynes seems weary. "Sir..." Jed continues, "There's no need for a citizen militia." Hoynes says he agrees. Jed: "Then say so." John says, "Forty percent of Americans have a gun in their home." Jed gets up and walks around, saying, "Only 16% believe gun ownership is an absolute right. Only 9% believe it's an absolute wrong. There's a middle. We can win them!" Hoynes snaps, "Not when we're running the MS defense, Mr. President!" Jed: "Which we wouldn't have been doing if..." He breaks off. Hoynes looks over at him: "If what, sir?" Jed tries to brush it off. Hoynes stands and says, "Sir..." Jed declares, "You outed me, John. With that trip to Nashua, with the oil companies. You wanted people to start asking questions." Hoynes insists, "I needed to start running because nobody told me that I wasn't! And you announced it! I found out on television!" Jed: "So did my wife." Not much of a defense. Hoynes yells, "This whole thing was mismanaged, sir! It was blown!" Jed agrees. Hoynes hollers, "Yes, it was!" They glare at each other for a bit; Jed says, "It's not easy being my Vice-President, is it?" Hoynes sighs, "No, sir." Jed walks around behind his desk, saying, "I wouldn't think so." Leaning on his desk, he adds, "But it's the only way you're going to get the nomination. You know that, right? If I win?" Hoynes replies, "Yeah. And the only way you're going to win, is if I'm on the ticket. You know that, don't you, sir?" Jed does. Hoynes starts to walk away. Jed asks, "You'll go to Texas?" Hoynes nods, saying, "I want a seat at the table." Charlie knocks, and comes in to advise Jed that he has to appear in the Briefing Room soon. Hoynes says he'll be back in his office, and wonders whether there's anything else. Jed says no. Hoynes says, "Thank you, Mr. President," and leaves.

It's evening. It's stopped raining. Josh and Donna are sitting on a park bench by a large fountain. They seem extremely tense and uncomfortable with each other, and also look as though they're waiting for someone. And here comes Cliff from around the other side of the fountain. Josh gets up and walks over to him. Donna glances after Josh for a moment, and then looks away again. Without any chit-chat or how-do-you-dos, Josh says, "There's a coffee shop across the street. You can read it there. You've got an hour. I haven't read it, but if anything bothers you, you'll issue a subpoena in the morning. You'll have it back before the end of the day. If not, that's that." Cliff says, "Yeah." Josh warns him, "If I read any of this in the newspaper, or anything happens I don't like, I've got the entries for October 4th and 5th." Donna's first date with Cliff was on October 3rd; therefore the second time she saw him was October 4th. Obviously, those two entries discuss what occurred on the previous days. I assume Donna photocopied them. Cliff asks -- somewhat cluelessly, if you ask me, given that it's not that long ago -- "What's October 4th and 5th?" Josh points at him and says, "You." Cliff nods and says, "That's fair." Gee, I'm glad you think so. We get a shot of Donna trying not to look as humiliated as she obviously feels. This whole thing is becoming icky in more ways than I care to contemplate. Cliff says, "Thank you." Josh hands Cliff the diary. He takes it and walks away without a word. I would sooner burn my diary and be excoriated about it by a lawyer than submit to this sort of hideous humiliation. Josh stands there for a moment before turning and walking back to sit on the bench next to Donna. He says, "It's starting to get cold already." She doesn't say anything. She looks at him, downcast. He puts his arm behind her -- not exactly around her, but in an attempt at a gesture of consolation. She's not sitting close enough for him to really put his arm around her. He says it's going to be fine. She looks at him like she really wishes that could be true. Josh doesn't look entirely convinced himself. They sit in silence, while somewhere across the street, Cliff holds the fate of many people in his hands.

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