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C.J. arrives at this point and greets Jed. Abby warns, "He's feisty. Please, don't ask him about church." C.J. solemnly says she won't: "I'm sorry, Mr. President, Melissa Markey died." The wind goes out of his sails and he says, "Yeah, okay." As Abby walks back over to him, he says, "Oh, damn." He asks Charlie to find Leo for him. Abby tells him that the little girl would have lost too much blood at the scene to have had a chance. Jed understands that. Abby says she'll be at the Residence, and that she has to see Babish this afternoon. She leaves.

Jed and C.J. walk back toward the Oval Office. C.J. suggests that he wait to "go in there" (the Briefing Room, I suppose) until they have more facts -- maybe a couple of hours. She says she'll be speaking to the Sheriff's Office and with the D.A., but that he doesn't want to "walk too far into that." Leo appears as they reach the door of the Oval Office; he agrees with C.J. that Jed should wait a few hours. C.J. leaves. Jed says, "'Be subject to one another,' Leo. What can I do to be of subject to you?" "Of subject" sounds really wrong to my ears. Leo: "I'm fine." Jed: "Yeah?" Leo: "I've got Margaret."

Jed and Leo go into the office. They're both wearing suits, while the rest of the staff is in casual clothes (Josh in jeans! Sam in a sweater! Brace yourselves). It makes sense that Jed would be in a suit, having just come from church. Leo, on the other hand...doesn't strike me as a churchy guy. Maybe he's just one of those guys who can't loosen up. I think the most casual thing we've seen him in on this show is a sport jacket, isn't it? (In "Manchester," Parts I & II.) POTUS sits down at his desk; Leo sits near it. Leo says he thinks Jed should send Hoynes to Texas. Jed says that Hoynes isn't going to want to do it. Leo: "What do you care?" Indeed. Jed asks Leo what he's doing today. Leo says he's meeting with Adamley about the War Crimes Tribunal. A fun-filled Sunday for the Chief of Staff. Jed tells Leo to keep him out of it. Leo agrees. Jed asks again about sending Hoynes to Texas, and tells Leo to get him over here. This otter be good.

Donna's deposition. Cliff Calley, her inquisitor, gives the obligatory preamble to Donna to the effect that she's under oath and her testimony has the same force and effect as if she gave it before the Committee in a courtroom. Donna understands. There are a lot of people there around a huge conference table. Cliff continues, citing the authority of the Committee, and introduces himself as the Majority Counsel for the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee. Donna's asked to state her full name for the Committee, and she does: it's Donnatella Moss, and yes, it's spelled with two "N"s. Cliff then indicates that he has met Donna "socially on several occasions," and that he'd like to proceed if there are no objections, which there aren't. I wonder if they'd object if they were aware that some of those occasions involved his skivvies. I liked him until this episode, but now he comes across as a selfish weasel. He then expresses the Committee's appreciation to Donna for appearing on a Sunday. Like she probably had a big damn choice. She non-verbally acknowledges this. In answer to his first question, she indicates that she is there because she was subpoenaed. Cliff: "No need to thank me." Donna remains serious. He says, "Donna, this is gonna be easy. You can laugh." Easy for you to say, jerkwad. Donna doesn't laugh or even visibly relax.

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