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Leo comes out to a waiting area to get someone waiting for him. It's Major Dad (Gerald McRaney)! He's in a well-decorated military uniform. Leo says, "Alan!" They shake hands warmly; they seem pleased to see each other. They go back to Leo's office as Leo asks how Alan's trip went. Alan says he met with Hassan and someone called the Aviation Prince. Leo says, "You know what we need in this country?" Alan: "An Aviation Prince." Leo: "That's right." Alan adds, "Let me tell you something -- Sultan Bin Abu Azir ain't what he used to be. The last time I was in Kuwait, he gave me a gold inlay Gadara sword, originating from the Bin al-Mahr tribe." This time he got nothing. You know, there are several things about that sultan's name that look wrong: bin means "son of," abu means "father of," and I don't think Azir is an actual Arabic name, although it sounds like one. For that matter, Bin Al-Mahr sounds off, too. Leo asks, "You want to go down to the Situation Room and blow him off the face of the earth?" Major Dad: "Yeah." On to the business at hand: he says, "The NSA Communications Office cabled me a draft of the President's radio address for next weekend." Leo starts to talk, but Alan's reading: "'At the close of the last World War, our nation was instrumental in the creation of both the United Nations and the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal. Now at the dawn of the millennium, we cannot betray that tradition of moral leadership.' He's made up his mind." Leo protests that it's an early draft and that it's not a big thing. Alan says he knows that Hutchinson and Berryhill support it, but that he, Fitzwallace, the Pentagon, the House and Senate Armed Services, and House and Senate Foreign Relations see it as a "thing of catastrophic proportions." Leo suggests that they go and talk.

We can hear thunder and rain. C.J. wanders through the Communications area, which is not very busy, and notices Toby in his office. He's on his couch reading a newspaper. He's wearing a nice sweater. When she comes in, he says he's not here. She says she had him paged, because she didn't know he was at the office. He says he's not, and holds the newspaper up in front of his face. Dude, if you're not here, why'd you come in to work: just to read the newspaper? Perhaps he just never got around to, you know, buying furniture, so the only way he can sit on a couch and read a paper is by coming to work. These people need a life worse than I do. C.J.: "I think the jig is up." Toby, from behind the newspaper: "Clearly I'm here, but I'm not open for business. I heard the President was meeting with Hoynes so I-I-I wanted to see how-how it goes." He's been doing this weird stuttering thing ever since he started talking. What's with that? C.J. sits down. He adds, "And I see you picked Chicago over Cincinnati, so let me explain to you why your money's going to be in my pocket." C.J.: "'If the President wins re-election, it's going be on the Vice-President's coattails.'" Toby looks at her and says, "You want to know what's weird? I-I-I just said that exact thing a couple of days ago." C.J. knows, because Will Sawyer just told her. Toby looks annoyed and says, "Will Sawyer's in Myanmar." C.J. explains that he got kicked out, and he's in the Briefing Room now. Toby says he said it at the end of a W.A. meeting, and they were talking about areas where Hoynes is polling stronger than Bartlet...Toby's chagrined as he realizes he said it to their own staff. His forefinger hovers lightly over his forehead, as if he might almost rub his head but not quite. Richard Schiff might be the master of little gestures on this show. John Spencer is definitely the master of the wordless reaction. Toby puts the paper down, sighing, and asks whether he has a little time. C.J. says he has a little time, and asks, "You're here now?" Toby chuckles mirthlessly, fidgets with his pen, and says, "Yeah." He thinks for a moment and calls Ginger in. He instructs her to page every junior staffer and senior assistant who works in the West Wing: "Every single one. I want them to assemble downstairs in the mess in two hours." Ginger: "What if..." Toby interrupts: "If they can't be here in two hours, then they don't need to come in tomorrow morning." Ginger goes off to do his bidding.

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