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In For A Penny, In For A Pound
. Jed dryly says, "Well, that is an excellent point. I never saw it that way." Hoynes claims he's playing devil's advocate. Jed: "Tighter axe control." Hoynes: "You come down on firearms, you come down on tobacco, you come down on alcohol, but you let Griffith run around talking about legalizing marijuana!" Jed: "She didn't! You know what? Last year...gun deaths: 30,708. Alcohol deaths: 35, 450. Tobacco deaths: 400,000. Marijuana deaths: zero." Yes, but let's not pretend marijuana is 100% benign. My God, chamomile tea isn't 100% benign. Nothing is. Jed: "This guy, the second shooter, Rambo? He's going to get nothing. He's going to get a parade. You know why? There was no sign posted in the church saying you can't carry a concealed weapon. I'm just playing devil's advocate." He walks away from Hoynes, hands shoved in his pockets, saying, "She was nine years old."

Leo and Alan are in Leo's office. Leo says, "Two things: one, it's technically not just a court for war crimes." Alan: "'Technically'?" Leo: "And two, the President hasn't made up his mind yet." Alan says the UN has; Leo says the UN made up its mind in 1948, when it recognized the crime of genocide, a crime so immense as to exceed the jurisdiction of any single court or government: "Alan, systematic extermination of civilians, enslavement, torture, rape, forced pregnancy, terrorism -- doesn't the world need a permanent standing body..." Thank God he included rape and forced pregnancy in that list -- things that are all too infrequently recognized as war crimes (and are still being argued in some quarters). Alan argues, "National sovereignty is at stake. Americans are answerable to no one but their own government and their own laws." Well, isn't that special. How freaking arrogant. Leo says, "Yeah." Alan: "And people need to be reminded that the UN is not a democratic organization. There's no input in its deliberations by any..." Leo interjects, "Come on. The court is designed with plenty of safeguards, to say nothing of, if we don't subject ourselves to the treaty, it'll encourage other countries, and you don't think that'll undercut the UN's campaign against war crimes?" Suddenly there's a knock at the door and Sam sticks his head in. He excuses himself and explains that Margaret wasn't at her desk; Leo asks what he needs. Sam says that if Leo's in the middle of something, Sam can come back. General Adamley says, "We're eliminating genocide. What are you doing?" Sam: "Eliminating the penny." Brief pause. "So I'll come back." They're like, "Yeah."

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