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Victor: ¡Mi gente ganan más que el mínimo sueldo!
Sam: ¡Te subió al podio en la maldita convención!
Victor: ¡Porque necesitaban una cara morena!
Sam: ¡Estas equivocado!
Victor: No lo estoy.

Here's the rough translation I've been able to piece together using online translation software (I haven't studied Spanish):

Victor: My people get more than minimum pay.
Sam: It got you to the podium in the damn convention.
Victor: Because you/they needed a brown face!
Sam: You're wrong.
Victor: No, I'm not.

I think I've given you the correct gist, here. I'm sure someone will tell me all about it in the forums if I haven't. Sam continues en inglés: "The lowest Latino unemployment in history, more small business loans for Hispanic entrepreneurs, and biggest drop in Latino poverty in two decades!" Campos is blunt: "That's what I got in the last election. What do I get in this one?" Sam seems slightly stunned and asks, "What happened to loyalty?" Victor: "You can't deposit it in a savings account." Well, that's one view, I guess. Victor asks what he gets. Sam wants to know what he wants. Victor says, "The high-school dropout rate among Hispanics is higher than it is for African-Americans." Sam responds that they're doubling the funding to the National High School initiative. "What else?" Victor: "Children who came to the United States after welfare reform --" "There's going to be a major push on the Hispanic Children's Health Act," says Sam. Victor wants to know what a "major push" is; Sam promises that POTUS will mention it in the State of the Union and asks, "What else?" Victor starts, "Complete amnesty..." but before he can say any more, Sam says, "No way." Victor persists: "Complete amnesty for all undocumented immigrants from the Americas: Mexico, Chile, El Salvador...The Legal Amnesty Fairness Act is in the Senate right now!" Sam explains, "We can't back a bill that treats Hispanic immigrants any differently than --" "Sam..." Victor interrupts. Sam: "There's no way we can do it." Connie interjects, "Sure, we can." Well, at least she doesn't have Ainsley's tapeworm. Sam doesn't look right at her, but asks, "I'm sorry?" Connie says they can do it. Sam: "We really can't." Connie: "We really can." Sam asks Victor to excuse them, takes Connie out into the hall, and spanks her. Oh, you must know by now when I'm yanking your chain.

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