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The focus switches to Donna and Josh, who are hustling in; Donna asks Josh which Committee had jurisdiction for the hearings. I guess she's still in the process of figuring it out, at least twenty-four hours later. Donna wonders if it's Judiciary, but Josh explains, "You'd think so, but Thomas's committee wanted it, so the Majority Leader --" "Thomas's committee?" Donna interrupts. Josh: "House Government Reform and Oversight." Donna looks about as cheerless as you'd expect. People are all hustling in around them: Leo chats to C.J.; Sam comes in yelling for someone to turn up the volume. Everyone watches the monitor, where some suit is at a podium saying, "People deserve answers now, and not at the snail's pace of Jed Bartlet's hand-picked prosecutor. I am announcing that the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee will be gavelled to session to conduct immediate hearings into the possible use of taxpayer resources to defraud the public...." C.J. seems to have found a bottle opener. Before taking a sip of her beer, she quietly says, "Come and get us." Everyone stares at the monitor. The suit drones on, "It is time to put an end to this White House's abuse of power. It is time for this White House to answer to the American people." It is also, apparently, Miller time.

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