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C.J.'s at her press briefing. A reporter asks whether the White House is concerned about the subpoenas; C.J. says they're not, and that they've already sent over eighty cartons of documents to Rollins, whom she refers to first as "Clem" and then "corrects" herself: "Mr. Rollins." She adds that those cartons contained documents that were not even subpoenaed, and that they intend to continue cooperating fully. A reporter asks about the necessity of the subpoenas. C.J. responds, "They're a commonly used legal tool to define the scope of the inquiry." In response to another question, she says the administration doesn't think the Congressional hearings are necessary, but that it's not for them to say. She adds, "And we take a different view than Congressional Republicans do of the Special Prosecutor's performance thus far. We believe he's running a thorough and impartial investigation, and he should be allowed to finish his work." The camera comes to rest on Leo at the back of the room, where he is watching C.J. with approval. A reporter asks about her use of the phrase "a different view," and wonders whether Congress is unhappy with Rollins. She tells him he'd have to ask Congress that. Oh, she's bringing it, all right. As we go to commercial, a reporter asks about the contents of the eighty cartons. I will think about how Allison Janney can do no wrong as I go scramble some eggs.

Tuesday. Margaret's sitting at her desk, looking vaguely uncomfortable and suspiciously unoccupied. She gets up and walks over to a filing cabinet against which Bruno is leaning, arms crossed, breathing with what appears to be impatience. She takes out a file and then says, "You still don't know my name, do you?" Bruno: "It's Gertrude." Margaret: "It's not." Bruno shrugs indifferently. Leo arrives, and Bruno says they need to talk. Leo says, "This estate-tax repeal out of committee is going to be a thing." Bruno's got another thing, but Leo's not finished. He says they think the House Republicans are going to try to repeal the estate tax. Bruno tells Leo about a game last night between the Cavaliers and the Pacers. Indiana won by five in double overtime. Leo replies, "Well, now the repeal of the estate tax seems somehow insignificant." Bruno asks whether he can play a video, but it turns out the machine is somehow broken so Bruno can't show Leo the tape. What he wanted him to see was Victor Campos sitting courtside with somebody named Buckland. Leo doesn't see what the fuss is. Bruno says, "Campos travelled from Los Angeles to Indianapolis to watch Cleveland in Indiana. They don't travel from Cleveland to Indianapolis to watch Cleveland in Indiana. I don't care if they gave Campos a jersey and let him play point guard." I bet that got big laughs from people more familiar than I with the fortunes of the Cleveland team, which I would not even recognize as a basketball team name if it weren't for the mention of the word "courtside." They could be a fencing team for all I know. It's great the way Sorkin throws me these little sports clues. Leo insists Campos loves the President and that he got him the California primary. Bruno says that Campos is dating Buckland now. Leo doesn't buy it. Bruno mentions that Campos refused a seat on the President's Community Empowerment Board, which helps to steer private investment toward inner cities. That's news to Leo: "When?" Bruno: "Shortly after..." Leo: "The game ended in double overtime! Aw, dammit!" He yells for Margaret as he walks toward her desk. Bruno mumbles to himself: "Margaret...Margaret."

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