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Previously: POTUS raved about The War of the Roses -- the production of Shakespeare's Plantagenet plays, not that movie with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner; C.J. was assigned Secret Service protection in the form of manly Simon Donovan; Sam was backstabbed by a friend in the GOP; Qumari Defense Minister Abdul Shareef may have been the mastermind behind a foiled terrorist attack on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sunday morning. Various military intelligence personnel are briefing POTUS in the situation room. Through various roundabout methods, they've managed to track down money paid to the man who was captured while trying to leave his exploding boat in San Francisco. The payment leads back to a bank owned by Abdul ibn Shareef. They've uncovered similar money transfers taking place around the time of other terrorist attacks as well. Leo points out, with surprise, that after one of these terrorist attacks, Shareef ordered the arrest of three men who were responsible. One of the men says that Shareef had them executed, and Leo comes to the realization that their deaths prevented the U.S. from questioning them. Fitzwallace puts everything together for us in a nice package: similar methods were used in each attack; a prisoner in Chechnya pointed to Shareef as the leader; and the money trail leads back to his bank.

After taking all this in, Bartlet sighs and takes off his glasses in frustration, telling the men, "[They] haven't got it." No, Joey Potter's got "it." Just ask anybody in Capeside or Boston. Bartlet means they don't have enough evidence. He exposits that they want to bring the defense minister of Qumar, who is publicly believed to be an ally of the United States, up on charges for killing civilians and Marines and a number of other crimes, but they don't have anything concrete. "This isn't a cave dweller," he says. "This is Capone." He repeats that they "haven't got it."

Credits and commercials. We return to the strains of Van Morrison and the strain of seeing Amy Gardner dance around an apartment in a skimpy bathrobe. I believe this is Amy's place. Although the layout looks almost exactly like Josh's apartment, the décor is different, with lots of plants, and a dog (a beagle, I think, or at least a beagle mix). My guess is that they're getting mileage out of the set for Josh's place. The alternative would be to suggest that Amy has moved into Josh's apartment and redecorated, and I see that some people's heads are about to explode at the very possibility, so we'll just step back from that. Amy dances around some more, celebrating the news that she'll be back next season, and we pan across the apartment to see Josh lying in bed in a t-shirt and boxers, talking to Donna on the phone. He's making fun of Amy, telling Donna that Amy's playing Van Morrison and dancing around like in Flashdance.

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