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Josh rushes into the White House to greet Congressman Pintero and apologize for his tardiness. He escorts Pintero into his office, greeting Donna along the way. Donna's on her way out to buy "prairie gear." Whatever. Not funny. Pintero, it turns out, is a certified exposition catalyst. He tells Josh that he looks frazzled, triggering a cavalcade of information about Bartlet's planned trip to New York to see Plantagenets on Parade. It turns out that Governor Ritchie is going to attend as well, which turns the whole thing political, and they have to decide what to do.

Transition into a discussion of the real reason behind Pintero's visit: he's there to let Josh know that they have the votes to get the Working Toward Independence Act out of committee. Josh is surprised, and asks how they managed that. Pintero explains that the president has to agree to a compromise. Josh starts to say that they can't cave on child care, but Pintero interrupts that they're actually going to get an additional billion for child care. However, they have to agree to $300 million more for "marriage incentives," and raise the work requirements to thirty-eight hours per week. Josh isn't happy with the idea of the compromise. He says "marriage incentives are terrible," but Pintero insists that it's the only way to move the bill forward. Josh resigns himself to the idiocy of the additions, and says he'll talk to the others about it.

The presidential motorcade is parked at the side of the road by Arlington National Cemetery. Leo winds up a cell-phone conversation by a car, then heads toward the graveyard. POTUS is out there, talking to a gravestone, while Charlie stands a respectable distance behind him. They're both holding flowers. Bartlet tells the gravestone that he's seeing a shrink, then admits that he feels silly talking out loud. But it wouldn't be nearly as silly as having us hear his thoughts like on a soap opera. He says, "I can't believe it's been a year. Anyway...." And then he puts the flowers at the grave -- revealed to that of Dolores Landingham and her husband, Henry -- and walks off. That wasn't very warm. But then again, what else exactly do you say to a grave?

The camera stays on Jed as he meets up with Leo, denying us the opportunity to hear what Charlie had to say. ("They're adding two people to the cast, yet I still can't get a decent storyline!") Jed wants to know what's going on. Leo wants to wait until they're someplace a little less sacred than a graveyard, but Jed insists. They pedenecroconference as Leo explains that Shareef was recorded at a meeting with two Muslim clerics in Bechar. Three Arabic experts translated the conversation. Leo hands over a notepad with the translation as they arrive back at the motorcade. It reads, "The enemy imagines he is secure. The bridge did not fall. He looks down from his high -- or elevated -- place or places, but our great victory is still assured. There will be other moments.... I have brought him low. I will do it again." Well, that was a little vague. It sounds like a Rambaldi prophecy or something. They look concerned at each other, then get into the car. The motorcade takes off. Did they just ditch Charlie? Wait, I think I can see him in the background, getting into a car a couple of vehicles back. Why doesn't he ride with the president? He is Jed's aide, after all.

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