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Commercials. We return to the start of a new work week. Toby's explaining to various staffers gathered in the conference room that they can't have Bartlet and Ritchie in the same room, because it "elevates" Ritchie and "diminishes" Bartlet. Wow, that sounds awfully arrogant. He's going to be the nominee, folks. It's time to stop acting like you guys are above it all. C.J. points out that that the two of them appearing together will also give Ritchie access to a huge press corps. I think Ritchie's probably got a huge press corps of his own by now since he's a lock for the GOP nomination. Toby asks how they'll get out of the whole thing. Josh worries that they'll look impolite and cowardly for backing out. Ed and Larry are at the meeting, for those who care. One of them jokes that they should try to convince Ritchie to cancel by saying that the play isn't any good. Well, if Ritchie's as big a yokel as they try to make him out to be, I'm sure he's not seeing Shakespeare because he wants to. Josh tells them that they just won't go: "It's better to look like a chicken than to get broasted, my mother used to say." This whole conflict seems incredibly stupid to me. What do they think is going to happen at a play? ["That's what Lincoln said." -- Wing Chun]

Toby calls on Sam to ask him what he thinks. Sam says he doesn't know. Toby asks whether he agrees that they shouldn't attend. Sam does, so Toby makes the call. He says that the president will have to call the Archbishop to break the news. There's some banter about C.J. wanting to see the play, concluding with her suggestion that Josh come to her house to perform it for her. He reminds her that he's already in a love triangle. The meeting breaks up.

Toby rushes over to Sam's side to pedeconference about Sam's weekend meeting. Jane and Muriel called Toby about Sam's refusal to consider their Everglades plan. Toby asks Sam whether he's sure about his decision to cut them off at the knees. Sam tells Toby that he's welcome to look over the proposal if he wants to, but Toby quickly tells him that it's okay. If Sam wants government-subsidized Pixy Stix for everybody, that's fine with him. They break off to their separate offices.

Back down in the situation room, POTUS is still coming to terms with the nation's uncomfortable situation with Qumar. He reminds them all that Shareef is flying into D.C. soon, and wants to know why they can't just arrest him. Well, I guess Jed has to be the dumb one this week in order to launch the exposition. It's nice that they all take turns being stupid. A man sitting next to Jed explains that Shareef has diplomatic immunity. This man, by the way, is the same actor who played Karl Rove on That's My Bush (thanks to epogurl for pointing that out), giving this entire scene a surreal edge. The men all argue about the nature of diplomatic immunity and how they go about revoking Shareef's. Karl explains that they can set Shareef's immunity aside, but that they'd have to go to the sultan of Qumar for that, and the sultan is Shareef's brother. Leo doesn't think that the sultan is going to be up for a plan to lock up his brother. Karl mentions some treaties they signed with England back when Qumar was their protectorate, but doesn't think Qumar would be willing to recognize them. Leo says that he doesn't care what they'll recognize, and tells them all to have an answer for them by tomorrow. POTUS concludes that he wants Shareef to stand trial at a U.S. court, "and if [they] have to stick heroin on his plane to get him there, that's what [they're] going to do." Gee, it would be terrible if Shareef actually turned out to be innocent, wouldn't it?

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