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It's 7:00 PM, and the Santos motorcade is speeding along a highway outside Dayton. On the bus, Santos is speaking with someone on the telephone, still spinning the felon voting issue. He hangs up the phone, and we see that Anspaugh is sitting nearby. They discuss all the lawyers the Democratic Party has in key states (including Florida) who are prepared to spring into action on Election Day. There are also briefs drawn up in the event that challenges need to be filed to the preliminary election results. Santos is brammed away from the conversation, and he asks Anspaugh whether he ever "gets nostalgic for the good old days, when there was just a winner and a loser." Anspaugh: "Talk to my Republican friends in Chicago. The good old days weren't, really." And apparently, the future days won't be so hot either.

The bus stops on some suburban street. In the front of the bus, Annabeth and Donna are brainstorming sketch ideas to propose to Leno. Annabeth asks, "How about a top ten list?" Donna points out that that's Letterman's shtick, and Annabeth wistfully says, "He's funny." Bon Jovi is nearby, and he asks if Santos plays an instrument. Everyone thinks they've found their solution, until Santos walks by and, in response to their question, tells them he plays the clarinet.

Santo exits the bus, and Josh (who's got a phone in his ear) tells him, "Don't get into it with the kids in the Vinick mask." And then we hear that he's still holding for Russell. Santos grabs the phone from him and introduces himself to the person on the other end of the call. Whomever he's speaking with seems doubtful that it's really him, so Santos suggests that he or she "turn on CNN and [he'll] wave." Once again, I do not for a million years believe that CNN is doing live coverage of his exit from the bus to trick-or-treat with his kids. Santos asks for Russell and promises to wait while the flunky gets hold of him.

U.S. Attorney's conference room. Alana and Toby are there, and the U.S. Attorney comes in wearing casual clothing. He's not pleased at being called away from his kids on Halloween. There's a long pause as neither Toby nor Alana say anything. Toby starts a little monologue about what an ambitious dude the prosecutor (whose name we finally learn is Peter Blake) is, and asks him what will happen to his opportunities to advance politically or as a judge if he pisses off the entire Democratic Party leadership by screwing up the election. There's a photo of Jed on the wall behind Toby, glowering down on the scene. Blake is pretty pissed off at Toby's suggestion, and repeats his threat to go to the grand jury in the morning. Toby: "No, you're not. You're not gonna do this. It's wrong and it's irresponsible." Blake thinks the irresponsibility of his actions don't hold a candle to the "Chief of Staff of the United States sharing classified Defense Department information with an unauthorized individual." There's some back and forth about whether or not that happened, with Toby insisting that C.J. did nothing more than ask him a hypothetical question, but Blake thinks that in itself was enough to get C.J. into trouble. He's getting angry, and asks Toby, "Please tell me I didn't leave a crying six-year-old in a Dorothy costume for this." Toby just looks at him, silently.

Chaos outside the Santos bus. Josh is on the phone, Lou's on the phone, everybody's on the phone. They are running late for the big rally in Houston, and Lou is trying to get someone there to keep the crowd in place for the several hours it will take for Santos to get there. Santos walks off the bus. He has successfully spoken with Russell, who acted like he didn't have time to campaign in Colorado for Santos because he was already committed to campaigning for other candidates. But Santos still pushed him to say yes, promising to find replacements to take Russell's place at other appearances. Santos throws a miniature tantrum, asking, "Am I going to get any time with McNally before this day is over?" I've been asking myself that question for the entire episode. Josh tells him that they'll have time to talk on the bus after the photo op. This entire time, Santos and a massive group are pedeconferencing along, Santos occasionally waving at people in the crowd. Santos is not thrilled at having such limited time with McNally, since he thinks the situation in Kazakhstan will have a profound influence on any new foreign policy initiatives. Lou smiles at Santos and says, "Try to make it look like you're enjoying your time with the children."

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