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Mr. Crankypants Goes To Washington

Santos enters the plane, carrying Little Boy Santos. Helen and Little Girl Santos follow. Helen takes LB Santos, and Santos asks...the bartender? Yeah, I guess so. He asks the bartender for some coffee. Otto walks up, and Santos asks where McNally is. (By the way, at this point Santos calls her "NSA," but the closed captioning refers to her as "former NSA." But earlier in the episode, Josh definitely called her "former NSA." So I think it's clear that Nancy has left her post. Does that mean Kate is the new NSA?) Otto breaks it to Santos that McNally had an early meeting in D.C. and left. See, I told you she was the one who bumped you, and not vice versa. Santos is not thrilled, and asks Josh to get her on the phone. Josh raises the problem with The Tonight Show, and Donna explains the issue with the sketch. Santos is clearly on his last nerve, and he does not need to deal with this picayune crap. Santos shuts Donna up by pointing out that he needs to get McNally on the phone, and that he has a call with Waller at 9:00. Josh breaks it to Santos that he canceled the Waller call, in part because the foreign policy section of the stump speech is already done. And isn't five days before the election a kind of stupid time to be messing with your stump speech? Santos is pissed, and starts talking about how the deployment of troops to Kazakhstan is going to deplete the military's ability to keep troops deployed in the West Bank. By now, he's screaming: "We are looking at three or four years in Central Asia. That is an entire presidency!" Santos storms off into his private room. Helen offers to go after him, but Josh tells her that he's got it.

Josh walks into Santos's room, where Santos is looking out the window. Santos starts pacing as Josh enters, and tells him, "We need to start addressing the real issues, and stop wasting time on beauty pageant ephemera." Josh reminds Santos that all of the stupid election things -- like appearing on late-night television and looking good with his kids -- are "a hell of a lot more important" than any policy considerations. Which may be true, and which makes me weep. Santos cuts him off, telling him, "Dammit, Josh, we need to focus." Josh pulls him up short, telling him, "We are! You like [Anspaugh] and McNally?" Santos points out that he had very little time with Nancy, and Josh tells him, "Berryhill had five minutes eight years ago." He asks again if Santos likes her. He does, of course, because not liking her is just too frightening a prospect. He also likes Anspaugh. Josh tells him, "Great! We got an Attorney General and a Secretary of State. That's not bad for a three-state, six-market day." Santos takes all this in. Josh continues: "Now we're gonna have this conversation about Leno, then you're gonna talk to Nancy, then you're gonna make up with your wife, so we have a relatively happy couple for the rally in Houston." And for the first time in a long time, I think we can safely say that Josh is da man. Santos is turned away and kind of bowed down, and Josh says, "Congressman?" Slowly, Santos turns to Josh with love in his eyes. He's pulled himself together, and is ready to get on with things. Josh starts to leave, and Santos calls him back. Santos looks utterly exhausted, by the way. They've done a fabulous job with his makeup throughout this episode. Santos asks Josh, "You think we're gonna win?" Josh looks at him for a few seconds, and then says, "I do." It's so nice to see these two patching up their romance. I was getting worried there for a while. Josh leaves, and Santos looks like it's finally all becoming real to him. Credits.

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