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Lou explains a grid that tells them who will be in which major state on which of the next five days. There are campaign appearances scheduled by Santos, Leo, and President Bartlet, all color-coded. Helen looks at the schedule and asks whether it's true that tomorrow (which is presumably later that same day, it being 3:00 AM), they are in "Scranton, Bethlehem, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Houston?" Helen wonders why they need to go to Houston. In response, Josh says that it will help pump up turnout, and notes that they're campaigning the day after that in Texas, so it makes sense to start that evening. Annabeth enters and tells them that Leo thinks that they need to add a stop in Florida, since they're polling slightly behind Vinick there and they don't have an appearance scheduled until Saturday. Josh asks Santos what he thinks, and has to repeat his name a couple of times because Santos has drifted off. Santos wakes up and tells them that he could use some coffee, but Helen nixes that idea. Santos starts to give the go-ahead to add a Florida stop, and then Helen volunteers to cover it. Annabeth points out that Zoey Bartlet is appearing at "some women's events" near Miami, so Helen could join her there. Really? Zoey? I really don't see her campaigning that much. Since she's not going to actually appear, couldn't they have dropped Abbey's name in there? The plan is to get Helen to Florida and then back to Dayton for a trick-or-treating photo op with the kids. Josh and Lou run down the five-day schedule, which involves a lot of campaigning over the next two days (Thursday and Friday), with events planned in each of the five battleground states on each of the last three days of the campaign. This will involve making appearances in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and California each day, and then doing it all over again the next day. Josh asks Santos for approval of this insane schedule. Santos thinks for a second and then tells Josh, "Well, you can hang by your thumbs for five days." I don't want to meet the people who tested that theory. Josh tells them to get ready for "the last five days of the Santos campaign." Credits. (Oddly enough, Richard Schiff neither appears in the opening credits nor is he given a credit in the list of guest stars that plays under the post-credits scene).

From here on in, almost every campaign scene is insane. There are always at least three people carrying on at least three different conversations, all on top of each other. Also, the camera doesn't necessarily focus in on the person carrying on the most meaningful conversation. It was fun to watch (I think), but it's no fun at all to recap. In a hangar (or factory, or warehouse -- I think it may be just an undressed soundstage), Santos is being grilled by a cluster of reporters. Josh is walking nearby, talking on his cell phone. He's talking to Toby, who suggests that Josh start doing the daily crossword puzzle, because studies have shown that "people who regularly do the crossword are less likely to experience mental decline." Basically, Toby is telling Josh to pay attention to the Miami-Dade voter registration numbers all while a bunch of people clamor for Josh's attention and Josh himself tries to play down Toby's concerns. Josh tells Toby, "You're a killjoy, you know that? You're a doorstep darkener. You darken doorsteps." Toby keeps hammering on the Miami-Dade numbers until Josh gives in and tells him he'll take a look. More quietly, Josh asks, "You, uh, you got another meeting today?" After a pause, Toby confirms that he does. Josh: "Let's make a deal?" Toby: "Or not." Josh tells Toby to let him know how it goes, and then ends the call. Donna (standing right behind Santos) tells the reporters that he'll take one more question. The last question is about which team Santos likes in "the game" this weekend. Santos tells them that Philly and New York are both strong teams, and that he looks forward to the game.

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