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Back at the U.S. Attorney's conference room, Toby and Alana are, you know, conferring. Alana thinks that the draft indictment is more than enough to convince a grand jury, but Toby thinks that there's no way the prosecutor will actually go ahead with the indictment and screw up the election. Toby accuses the prosecutor of being partisan, and Alana points out that he was appointed by Bartlet. Alana thinks he's just a zealous prosecutor using every tool he has to get at the truth. Toby still thinks he's bluffing. Toby's about to go off on a rant when Alana interrupts him with a deep sigh. Toby asks Alana what she's sighing about. She tells him that if he's trying to protect his brother , he needs to give it up or risk destroying Santos and Leo's chance of winning the election. Toby still thinks the prosecutor is bluffing. Alana: "Are you really prepared to take that chance?"

It's 12:30 PM, and the Santos motorcade is driving on a road outside Quakertown, Pennsylvania. They just passed through Methodistville and Baptistburg, and Lutheranopolis is coming up. On the bus, Lou is on the phone talking to someone about some poll numbers and asking to speak to Edie when Jon Bon Jovi walks up to her and asks, "Is that the latest polling?" Lou immediately hangs up the phone and tells him it is. Jon asks her how it's looking, and she gets all flirty as she tells him things are looking good. Otto tells her that he has Edie on the phone, and Lou snaps at him that she'll call Edie back. Bon Jovi tells her that the polling for Illinois looks cool, and she tells him, "Yeah, it is. And you know what else is cool is your new album." Lou tells him that his album is fantastic, and that the work he's been doing with Habitat for Humanity is fantastic as well.

While this sad, sad example of flirting is going on, Donna, Otto, and Josh are all talking on their phones. Otto tells Josh that "Bob" is on the phone, and Josh tells Otto that he'll call Bob back. Josh interrupts Lou and Jon, and Bon Jovi excuses himself to make a call. Josh asks Lou, "Living on a prayer?" Heh. Lou snaps at him, asking if he's not supposed to be on the phone, and he tells her he's holding for Bingo Bob. They start discussing some poll reported on Drudge (and I refuse to link to that hack), and Josh dismisses the poll as biased until he hears that it had Santos up by four points in Ohio. Josh shouts out, "'Ohio trends Santos!' That's the story of the day." Otto asks Lou if she's still pushing the slogan story, and she tells him it's dead. And then Otto tells her that the buses for Vinick's "Yes, America Can" tour were made in Canada. Lou tells Otto, "You're a very attractive young man," which I can agree with. Lou tells the reporter she's calling that she has two stories to pitch to him. Josh is told that Russell will have to call him back. Simultaneously, there's a story on the television about Sullivan campaigning in Colorado. While all the calls continue, we see a snippet of an interview with Helen on the television. In response to a question about whether the disenfranchisement of convicted felons should be abolished, Helen responds, "It's the largest bloc of disenfranchised voters in the country. Yeah, I think it's something we should take a look at." All the staffers on the bus immediately ends their calls.

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