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Mr. Crankypants Goes To Washington

Santos emerges from the bus. We can hear the cheers of the crowd in the background. Some Congressman who is waiting for a picture with Santos calls him "Mr. President" and brags about having had his picture taken with "three other Commander-in-Chiefs." Santos corrects him, pointing out that it's "Commanders-in-Chief." Santos doesn't make him turn around three times and spit, but he does caution him about putting the cart before the horse. The Congressman tells him he's confident Santos is going to win. Commercials.

It's the Santos campaign jet. We see a television on which there's live coverage of reporters shouting questions at Santos in front of a screaming crowd. The camera follows a smiling extra as she walks through the cabin. She's way too smiley and calm -- are they dosing the campaign staff with lithium? And if they are, why don't they give some to the regulars? In any case, the camera follows Ms. Plath and then focuses on Donna, Santos, and the rest of the entourage as they enter the plane. Santos asks about his meeting with the CIA briefer, and Josh notes that they lost him at the rally. Donna ably steps up to the pitch, responding, "Probably not a field operative." I've always thought that, of all of characters on this show, Donna would make the best recapper. Donna smoothly pulls Santos into a photo op with another Congresswoman. Santos poses while still asking Josh to make sure there is a CIA briefer in Ohio to discuss Kazakhstan. Then there's some business with Otto about the foreign policy section of the stump speech, the failure of Russell to return Josh's call, and a call from Leno. And this time, the call is actually from Jay Leno, which Donna only realizes after she starts speaking to him. Lou starts talking about Michigan poll numbers. All of these conversations go on at once, and Santos looks around and mutters, "Getting a little existential in here." The end result of some of these conversations is that Josh doesn't get through to Bingo Bob, Jay Leno still wants Santos to wear tights on his show, and Santos wants to rewrite a portion of the stump speech about Israel, and asks Otto to set up a call with someone named Waller. And then everyone focuses on one conversation for a moment, telling Santos about the story they're pitching on Vinick's Canadian buses. Santos thinks for a moment, and asks them, "Anyone check where our buses are made?" Lou goes jogging off, calling for Otto, who might not be such an attractive young man to her right now.

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