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Santos enters his private room to find Anspaugh waiting. (In the show, Anspaugh is called Goodwin, but it's too late to change now). Oh, and Teddy is also there. On a television, we can see coverage of Vinick declaring that people who've broken the law should have no right to help make the laws. Santos seems concerned, but Teddy points out that Vinick is losing what little support he might have had in the African-American community. Santos counters that he's motivating his base, so that it may not matter. Donna arrives to tell Santos that he has to pose for a photo with a Senator. Santos notes that he already had a picture taken with the Senator out on the tarmac, but Donna tells him that because the Congresswoman got a photo on the plane, the Senator wants one too. Man, I bet the Senator also wants Evian in his hotel room whenever he travels. Santos throws on his jacket while Anspaugh tells him he should make a statement about convict voting in Ohio. Santos thinks the disenfranchisement laws are rotten, but also notes that he's not "for giving the vote to every ax murderer." Santos does think, however, that non-violent ex-cons should be able to vote. And really, what does violence have to do with it? If someone has served his time, and is no longer on probation or parole, what's the justification for stripping him of any of his rights? I think there's more justification for not letting the corporate criminals ever vote again. I mean, if someone has experience embezzling a few million from a large corporation, it's probably not too big a stretch to committing election fraud. We should keep them away from the polls just as a precautionary matter. Josh tells Santos that he'll have Otto draft some language. So I guess Otto is a speechwriter. I had no idea. Santos leaves, and Josh, Anspaugh, and Teddy continue the conversation. Apparently, talking about letting ex-cons vote is not good politics, especially in the states they most need to win. Josh (who is still on hold for Russell, a phone against his ear) mentions Colorado, and Anspaugh asks him, "You try calling the Vice-President?"

House of Andi. There's a knock on the door and Andi answers, dressed as a witch. There are some Halloween decorations cast about as well. It's Toby as the door, dressed in normal clothes. Andi asks why he's not wearing a costume, and Toby tells her, "Well, I thought about coming as Julius Rosenberg." I think Ethel would be a better look for Toby. An adorable little girl dressed in a cute little Baltimore Orioles outfit comes running up, calling Toby "Daddy." Actually, it's not entirely clear that it's a little girl until Toby calls her "Molly." She's got kind of an Adam Rich pageboy thing going on with her hair. Toby picks her up, and she tells him, "I'm a baseball player." Toby thinks that she's less of a baseball player and more of an Oriole. Toby asks Andi what happened to the Yankees gear he bought the kids, and Andi lies and tells him, "She likes the little bird." The equally adorable Huck, dressed in an equally cute costume, comes running down the stairs and jumps into Toby's arms. He's also dressed as an Oriole, and Toby throws an accusatory glare at Andi. Lying some more, she tells him, "He likes what she likes." Andi fetches some cute little pumpkin totes, and Toby excitedly asks the kids whether it's time for trick-or-treating. Awkwardly, Andi asks whether Toby wants to take them first. He puts them down and tells her to go ahead. Andi's utter coldness towards Toby is explained when she mutters, "Sorry, but if there's press..." And then it makes sense -- Andi's running for reelection as well, and her association with Toby is probably a pretty bad thing for her career. Of course, it wasn't a very good thing for his career either. Andi and the kids leave to go on their pagan candy extortion trip, leaving Toby looking a little verklempt. He then sees Santos on the television, giving a statement about how non-violent ex-cons should be able to vote. So now Toby knows that if Santos gets elected, he at least might be able to vote in the future.

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