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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

Previously on The West Wing, India sent troops into the neutral zone in Kashmir; C.J.'s pissed that no one informed her of what was going on, causing her to lie to the press; Jed tells Zoey about threats of violence received by the White House; Gina thinks that it's two fifteen-year-old boys sending death threats against Charlie and Zoey.

The title card says we're at a town hall meeting at the Newseum in Rosslyn, Virginia. We see an outside shot of the hall where there is a small crowd of people, and several limos and security vehicles. We can hear Jed's voice telling amusing political anecdotes. The audience is laughing and Jed goes on to answer a question we haven't heard. We're switching back and forth between various shots of Jed, and Jed on a monitor. He says, "Suzanne, there is an answer to your question but I don't think you're going to like it. You ready? The current crop of eighteen-to-twenty-five-year-olds is the most politically apathetic generation in American history. In 1972, half of that age group voted. In the last election, it was thirty-two percent. Your generation is considerably less likely than any previous one to write or call public officials, attend rallies, or work on political campaigns. A man once said this, 'Decisions are made by those who show up.' So are we failing you or are you failing us? It's a little of both." Jed continues giving information gleaned from a report by the Center for Policy Alternatives while the camera drifts upwards. Up in the balcony area, Secret Service agents are stationed and Gina roams along, keeping a watchful eye.

The camera drifts outside to a small room off the auditorium, where several monitors are set up and some reporters are hanging around. Someone off-screen shouts, "What's that source?" and Josh calls out, "It's the Center for Policy Alternatives; C.J.'ll have copies for the bus ride back!"

Back onstage, where Jed's perched on a stool, he says, "I want to continue with this, but there was some debate among my staff earlier today as to whether or not I should take off my jacket. Some thought it would fit in nicely with the folksy atmosphere of a town hall meeting; others thought it wouldn't be presidential. Can I trust you all to read nothing into it, other than I've been talking for two hours and it's a little hot under these lights?" People laugh and applaud as he stands up and removes his jacket. That is some politicking, when you can get people to enthusiastically applaud that. ["People in Rosslyn are starved for entertainment." -- Strega] He continues rambling as the camera shot changes to the technicians' area, where Sam is watching the proceedings. Bonnie comes along and asks where Toby is, because there's a phone call for him from someone named Peter Jobson. Sam says he'll take the call and accepts the cell phone.

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