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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

When Jed gets to the Situation Room, he asks Fitzwallace if the pilot is still alive. Fitzwallace explains that the pilot had some kind of ejector seat, and another military guy indicates that NATO Command in Brussels has picked up a signal south of Basra. Jed says to Leo, "He's in the middle of nowhere." Jed's right. I looked it up. Leo asks, "Who else is out there?" Military dude says, "The fourth corps of the Iraqi R.G. would patrol the area." He also pronounces it "eye-rack-ee" which drives me nuts (likewise, eye-ran and eye-talian). Third military dude says, "Somebody's within ten miles of the pilot." Jed sits down, and comments, "Our guy's ten miles from the fourth corps of the Iraqi Republican Guard?" Jed disappoints me too, by pronouncing it "a-rack-ee." Fitzwallace says it's a matter of who gets there first. Leo asks "Fitz" if he has a rescue scenario. Fitz says, "Man, is Ricky Martin gay?" No, he doesn't really. There's no time for cheap comedy. Fitz lays out the rescue scenario which involves specially equipped and no doubt extremely expensive helicopters. Some drip named Phil wants to spend a few hours trying the diplomatic route before jumping into a military rescue plan. Leo's immediately disgusted with the idea of wasting time by flapping gums with ambassadors. "I'll tell you what, Phil, how about I drop you and your forty-seven million dollar American warplane (that's already been picked up by Iraqi radar) in the middle of a desert. Then you tell me if we've got three hours to find a diplomatic solution before we come get you." John Spencer does the best job of pronouncing "Iraqi," winning him absolutely nothing other than my undying appreciation. Phil promptly shuts the hell up. Jed asks for the name of the pilot. Fitz says, "Captain Scott Hotchkiss." We learn that he's a twenty-six-year-old from Rhode Island. Jed pauses a moment before saying, "Rob told me in my intelligence briefing last week that the Iraqi government has put out a bounty, the equivalent of fourteen thousand dollars US, for any American plane shot down, or any American soldier captured. Now, he was just patrolling the no-fly zone, right?" Fitz confirms this. Jed asks, "He had not engaged?" Fitz confirms this too. Jed looks at Phil and says, "Phil, if it ends up Fitzwallace has to call this kid's parents, I swear to God, I'm invading Baghdad." Jed pauses briefly and then tells Fitz, "Get him back." Fitz says, "Yes, sir." Jed stuffs his glasses in his pocket and takes his leave. After he's gone, the other military guys punish Phil with the atomic wedgie to end all wedgies.

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