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All change, she's having a baby

Anyway, in the very first and certainly unpredictable scene in which a lostaway needs something from Sawyer's stash, Sun asks him if she can look through the medical supplies he has, and Sawyer says no, that she has to tell him what she wants. She tells him to forget it, and starts to walk away. Sawyer, master negotiator that he is, tells her that now he's intrigued, so she can have whatever it is she's looking for, free. She asks again if she can just look. "It's not a drugstore, sweetheart," he says. True. Drugstores don't have guns and ammo. Wal-Mart?

It's been awhile since I've mentioned any commercials, but I'd just like to ask Boston Market if they're aware that the slogan "It's better than you remember" could be read rather negatively?

Jack's listening in at the armoury door. He says he can't hear anything, which may have something to do with Locke listening to the rock 'n' roll music that all the kids are into these days. He's even got a lava lamp going. Pull back with the camera a bit, and I bet there's a big ol' roach clip with some Grade-A Dharma medicinal marijuana. Jack says, "How do you know he hasn't snapped her neck, John?" Locke responds with, "How do you know she hasn't snapped his?" Uh, touché…?

Inside, Ana-Lucia's going over Henry's improbable story of hot-air-ballooning, wife-dying, and Rousseau-capturing, which he concedes does sound a little silly when it's all laid out like that. She asks him why he doesn't have a beard. Because he shaves. Duh. Like all the men she knows, save Eko. Next question, Ana? She suggests he draw a map that they can use to find the balloon, but he says that if he screws up drawing the map, then everyone will crucify him. Ana's dubious because he was able to navigate in a hot-air balloon, but he can't draw a map? Apples and oranges, says Henry, essentially, but Ana-Lucia asks if he does or does not know where the balloon is. He says he does, because that's where he went to bury his wife, because that was the closest thing to a home for them. "You people have been looking for someone to punish for everything that's happened to you, someone to blame. And now you've got him." After only three days, sounds like he's all caught up. "It doesn't matter what I do; I'm dead already." Yep, all caught up. Ana tells him to draw up the map, and she'll find the balloon: "But if you don't? Things are gonna play out, just like you said."

Elsewhere on the island, Sun is sneaking through the jungle, looking for some place to do her pregnancy test in peace. And with all that jungle, she just happens to run into Hurley, who's munching on a chocolate bar from his secret stash. They're both freaked out to be caught, even if neither actually realizes the other's up to something secret. Hurley makes up some ridiculous story about finding a chocolate bar in the jungle, and then offers to share. She declines, and mercifully doesn't offer to share what she's got hidden behind her back. She says she was just heading to the beach, and Hurley gives her a "later, dude," and after he leaves, Sun continues to examine the "Widmore Labs" home pregnancy test.

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