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All change, she's having a baby

On the beach, Charlie and Sayid are shopping for bamboo at Island Depot, and Charlie notes that the lengths are a bit large for a dining-room table, and Sayid says, "If we cut them in two, it will suit the purpose."

Ana-Lucia strolls up and asks if she can talk to Sayid. "Of course," he says. After all, it's been a week since she killed the woman he loved. But that's why pencils have erasers! She wants to talk alone, but Sayid says she can say whatever she needs to there. She tries to drop a hint that it's about the hatch, but apparently Charlie is in the loop now too. "You mean the guy locked in the closet there? What about him?" Ana's somewhat nonplussed that she is apparently the last person to know about Henry, but she takes a folded piece of paper out of her pocket and gives it to Sayid. It's the title page from The Brothers Karamazov, and I'm sure Locke's not going to track down The Stand for you if you're just going to rip them up. On the back is a map, with a route. It ain't exactly Mapquest, with its helpful instructions like, "GO AROUND MOUNTAIN," but apparently it's directions to Henry's balloon. Sayid asks how she got him to do this. "I asked nicely," says Ana. It's amazing what you can get from people when you don't shoot them. Sayid asks if Jack and Locke know about it. "Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack," says Ana, who's picked up on an awful lot in her first week. Sayid looks over at Charlie, who's smirking, like his behaviour's been exemplary. "All I want to know is if this guy's telling the truth," Ana continues. So why come to me? asks Sayid. "Judging from what you did to his face, that's what you want too." There's some scary L.A. cop logic right there. "This is at least a day's walk," says Sayid. To GO AROUND MOUNTAIN? Oh, yeah, pack a lunch. Ana says they should get going then.

Sayid, Charlie, and Ana are hiking through the jungle. I suppose they had to invite Charlie, since he was right there. Crossing a stream, he slips and almost falls in. Ana helps him, asks if he's okay. She isn't even sarcastic or anything. Charlie says he's all right, looking slightly chagrined.

Coming into a clearing, Sayid looks at a cliff in the distance, and sure enough, it matches up with CLIFF on the map. "Score one for Henry," says Ana, and Sayid says, "Pointing out a geographical touchstone does not mean he's leading us to a balloon," which I can guarantee is the first time that sentence has ever been uttered. "Maybe not, but at least we're on the right island," says Ana, mouth twitching like she wants to laugh. Sayid dourly walks off. "Humour's not his strong suit," says Charlie. Ana just kind of stares at him, and Charlie chides himself: "And I'm saying this to you." Snicker.

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