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All change, she's having a baby

They continue. Ana, bringing up the rear, seems to be looking at Charlie's rear, which he notices, and asks about it, like he's PLEASED about this. Ana says she's looking at his gun. "Maybe you should give the gun to somebody who knows how to use it," says Ana. Charlie gets his back up. "Maybe I will. As I recall, the last time you had a gun you murdered someone," he snaps, which…is Charlie really that divorced from reality? Sayid has to step in all "that's enough." Charlie takes the gun and holds it out like he's going to give it to Ana, but then he gives it to Sayid. Sayid? Of the three of them, he's the only one who hasn't shot someone to death on the isl-- oh, yes. Maybe Sayid should have it. He says they'll go as far as the base of the cliff and camp there. I guess they'll wait until morning to GO AROUND MOUNTAIN.

Sun and Kate are on the beach, looking at the instructions for the pregnancy test. Guess Sun didn't want to do this alone, or maybe she hated the thought that the only other one who knew about it was Sawyer. She asks how long it's supposed to take. Up to two minutes, says Kate. They sit down, and have a little joke about "who flies with a pregnancy test," even though an obvious answer might be "someone who's trying to get pregnant." ["Or 'contrivance.'" -- Sars] Sun asks if Kate's ever taken one, and she has, so they bond. Sun says, "Thank you for waiting with me, and not asking why you're here and not Jin." Kate smiles and says she's welcome. And then: it's time. Sun looks at the little stick, and sees two lines. "You're pregnant," says Kate, not helpfully, as she kind of laughs, and then nervously looks at Sun, like she didn't clue in that maybe the fact Jin isn't here means this might not be such a blessed event. "Is it 100 per cent sure?" asks Sun, and Kate says there's only one way to find out.

I don't know why they need Jack's diagnosis; all he says is that the tests are pretty accurate. But hey, the more people who know Sun's secret the better, as she learned with the whole "Jin doesn't know I speak English" thing. Sun says it's impossible. Jack says, "Oh, it's possible. You feeling queasy? Lightheaded?" Sun says "nobody can know." By which I presume she means, "Nobody else can know." Kate, poster child for honesty that she is, is horrified that she's not going to tell Jin. "In time I will. It's just -- it's complicated." Jack pontificates on Jin being the last to find out she spoke English, and then says his advice is to tell Jin, and to also tell him everything, and this is how we get the episode title actually into the episode. To his credit, Jack at least says he's the last one to be giving the advice. Then he says he has to get back to the hatch. "Congratulations, Sun," he says, because Sun is just so overjoyed right now.

Kate all suspiciously says Jack has been in the hatch a lot, and asks if everything's okay. Jack smiles and says that everything's fine. He's clearly lying.

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