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All change, she's having a baby

Sun, meanwhile, flashes back to a time she was standing in a hotel room looking out the window at a massive, beautiful painting of the Seoul skyline at sunset. And we've segued from Kate asking Sun if she's okay to Jae asking the same question. Flashback Sun snaps out of her reverie to say she's fine. "You were distracted for our entire lesson. You're not fine," he says.

Sun tells Jae about going to the doctor, and how they can't have children. "I'm very sorry, Sun," he says. "I was glad," she says softly. Jae watches her carefully. Then they switch to Korean. "Why are we here?" asks Jae. You know, this show has a lot of questions to answer before they start asking ones that have mystified philosophers for millennia. It's not because Sun's learning English, Jae posits, because she's been practically fluent for a month now. He asks her why she's learning the language, and she tells him that she's moving to America. He figures out that she's leaving Jin. She says nothing. "I ran away to America for a woman because I thought I was in love. But you can't run away from your life," he tells her. Sun stares at him for a moment, and says, "And Jin? Is he my life? I should stay because --" and he interrupts her, in English: "I'm not saying you should stay for Jin." Seems kind of clear to me that he should have said, "I'm not saying you should stay for Jin." But we'll leave them now, staring into each other's eyes.

Back in the jungle, Sayid's sitting by a campfire. Charlie's asleep to one side. Ana comes up and sits down by Sayid, after asking if he minds. He doesn't, but he advises that she should sleep while she can. She says she can't sleep. Sounds like we're going to get some more of this show's trademark campfire confessions.

And sure enough, Ana begins: "People don't like me." I'm sure that's not true; I think some of the people she's left alive are starting to come around. "I tried to get them to most of my life. I guess I just gave up a while back. I mean, I am what I am." Popeye? Anyway, the point of her spiel is that Sayid actually has a good reason to hate her. Sayid stares at her impassively. And then she apologizes. Heartfelt. I don't think Michelle Rodriguez is a bad actor at all. I'm not saying I'm bumming a ride after the party, but I think she's pretty good.

Sayid looks at the campfire a moment. "You were trying to protect your people," he says quietly. "It wasn't you that killed Shannon; it was them." Hey, Sayid, I've got it on tape. We can check if you like; I'm pretty sure it was Ana. But he's not finished: "And once we find out that he is one of them, then something will have to be done."

It's morning. Ana-Lucia's sleeping by the smouldering ashes of the campfire. Sayid's sitting watching her as she wakes up. "What?" she says. "Nothing," he says. Oh great, now he loves her. Ana notes that it's going to rain, and Sayid says they should get moving, and they do, just in time for a cheery Charlie to come strolling back with some papayas. He's all crestfallen that they're not eating, but I have to admit that I actually haven't felt like telling him to shut up once this episode. Either he hasn't been annoying, or I'm just all out of shut up for now.

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