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I Said That Time May Change Me, But I Can Change Tribes

Last week on Survivor, injuries plagued Rotu, but a raft led them to victory. Rob's reign of fear did not carry over to Rotu, who remained "untouchable" and bested Maraamu in their third straight immunity challenge victory. Then Rob pulled the strings at Maraamu and his stupid little puppets ganged up to vote off Hunter, proving that puppets have no brains. Which I guess is inherent to being a puppet in the first place, so that's redundant. Unless, of course, you're going by B-movie horror flicks, in which case puppets often have brains, though not particularly nice ones. So let's say for the benefit of all the believers that puppets do have brains: some would surely be smarter than others, and these Maraamu puppets...not so much. In any case, thirteen are left; who will be voted off tonight?

We open on Night 9 at Maraamu with a poor man's scuttling crab; it may actually be a snail, and it's more crawling than scuttling. The editors are getting creative, and I don't like it. I like my scuttling crabs. The tribe moves about in night-vision, and Sean blows on the fire. Rob tells us in a confessional that, "without a doubt," Survivor is his game; he thinks he's controlling it, and says that Hunter didn't see his ejection coming. Hunter obviously underestimated his tribemates' stupidity. Back at camp, Gina stands up and wipes off her butt because one should never be dirty -- not even when stranded on a desert island. She tells us in a confessional that in last night's Tribal Council, the other four members of the tribe voted out Hunter; she thinks it was "a pretty stupid idea," and says it happened because Rob and Sean were tired of having someone else in a leadership role.

Sean and Rob are still hopping around the fire. Gina watches them snidely -- if it's possible to watch someone snidely, that is -- and then comments that she thought she was the one going that night; she says she just doesn't understand why the others voted off one of their strongest members. Sarah says she thinks they all had different reasons, which isn't exactly true: Rob voted off Hunter because he's stupid, and Sarah voted off Hunter because Rob is stupid, too. There are actually myriad reasons why the four members of Maraamu voted off Hunter, and not one of them flatters Rob, Sean, Vecepia, or Sarah. My decision on Hunter was still unresolved when he left, so I don't know why I'm so defensive about his ejection; but then, my decision is totally resolved on the others. In any case, Gina tells the rest of Maraamu that she's glad she's still there, but that she's really shocked. Then Sarah gives Gina the dumbest reason for voting someone off I've heard yet in all four seasons of Survivor, and says they voted off Hunter to "kinda do something different." She also tries to say she was looking at "the big picture" and cites the fact that the game has no rules as reasoning for the vote. Gina complains that, after the last Tribal Council, she and Hunter explained their votes; she says it's fine if the other members of Maraamu choose not to, but she's just asking. In her voice-over, Gina tells us that no one provided a good answer for voting off Hunter. She says that Sarah cast her vote at Rob's suggestion, and complains that "she doesn't think for herself." Gina, incidentally, says "vote on" instead of "vote for" which doesn't make her sound particularly well educated. I'd think the Watermelon Queens of the world would want to represent themselves better. Sarah once again insists that it's hard to explain what she was thinking during the previous night's Council, and she acts surprised when Gina confesses that she thought she'd be the next voted off. Gina tells the others, "I mean, I thought it would be stupid to vote [Hunter] out." Hee. She just called them stupid to their faces, but then I'll wager it's not the first time any of them have been thusly described. Rob tells the group that he's glad he voted the way he did, and Sarah says she is, too -- particularly after seeing last night's votes. In a confessional, Gina says that the others think this is the "beginning of Maraamu," and that if they lose another challenge, she'll be the next to go: "They're not gonna keep somebody like me around." What, a woman who actually wears clothes?

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