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Carcetti's in the midst of telling Burrell over drinks that last episode's little spot of unpleasantness between them was not meant to be personal; from the look Burrell is shooting Carcetti, I assume that's cold comfort. Carcetti goes on: "I've been a councilman for almost three years now. And that's a long fucking time to be ignored." Carcetti's problem is that his opportunities for higher office in the city are thwarted by Baltimore's demographic make-up, so he's either got to wait for someone in the state legislature to keel over and die or twiddle his thumbs in a job with no power "except getting potholes filled." "All due respect, Councilman," Burrell says pointedly, "you're fucking with me because, what, you're bored?" Yeah, Erv, I think he pretty much is -- though Carcetti would prefer that we frame it as "improving the city by getting tough on crime." So what do you say, Acting Commissioner? How's about working with your new pal, Tommy Carcetti, to improve the lives of the citizenry? Tell Tommy what you need, and he'll try and get it for you privately. And if not -- well, you've already beheld the awesome destructive power of the Carcetti death star. Burrell sips his cocktail, mulls his options, and decides to play ball: police cars go in for repairs and then don't come back for weeks on end, and the mayor hasn't been terribly helpful. "Not that you heard it from me," Burrell says. "Of course not," Carcetti smiles and assures him that he'll keep the commissioner's confidence. This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship of convenience.

Marlo is shopping for rims, which calls to mind that Chris Rock routine on rims from Bring The Pain. Go ahead and look it up -- I'll wait. Anyhow, Marlo's not here just to idly shop; it appears the rim shop owner is his consigliere, and Marlo wants advice on how to handle Bodie's crew. The rim-shop owner version of Tom Hagen correctly surmises that the newcomers are likely from the Terrace, which means they're affiliated with Avon Barksdale. "And Avon, he coming home, too," the rim-shop owner notes pointedly. The choices, then, are these: reach an amicable agreement, or prepare to deal with a well-armed, well-motivated opponent. "If you want to hold on to what's yours," the consigliere advises, "you best be ready." Marlo nods ominously.

Bunk and McNulty are off-duty know what? Let's make this a fun, interactive, multiple choice quiz that you can play at home. Are Bunk and McNulty spending their off time: (a) With their families? (b) In quiet contemplation of the world at large and their place in it? (c) Catching up on some books they've been longing to read? (d) Having a drink or three or four in a local tavern? Think you know the answer? Have you made your choice? Let's see if you made the right call.

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