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"It Don't Matter That Some Fool Say He Different..."

Detail office. Beadie's taking a nap on her desk. Lester's still toiling away, Bunk next to him, helpfully bouncing a tennis ball off the wall over and over again. The phone rings, and Beadie starts, looking up at her monitor. We see the screen: there's a piece of masking tape stuck on the top of the case that reads, "CanOffice Patapsco"; a call's going out on the line. Beadie, apparently satisfied that she's not missing anything, settles her head back down. And Bunk loses his grip on the ball. Not a euphemism.

Boat. McNulty's gazing at the black-and-white shot of his victim again when Diggins rolls up. It seems as though a lot of time has passed since the start of the season, given the way McNulty's now chilling in his uniform without any kind of outerwear on. Diggins asks if McNulty's done with his trial, and McNulty quickly puts the photo away as he nods yes. Diggins says they should take the boat out, then. "Tomorrow," says McNulty. Diggins dubiously asks if McNulty has something else to do today, and McNulty, already on his way off, says he has a "last bit of business." "This is your business," says Diggins curtly. "Nah, this is retirement," says McNulty, helping Diggins to untie McNulty's undoubtedly crappy knots. "And after today, I'm retired." Diggins sets his jaw and motors away from the pier. And you know if he finds another body, he's totally just going to leave it there to spite McNulty.

John's Radio And Television, with fancy black Mercedes parked out front. Sergei's standing out front, warning Nick, "Talk when I say, not before." They head in, trailed by a burly henchman. Inside, Sergei walks slowly toward Proposition Joe, spreading his hands and saying something in (probably) Ukrainian. "Sergei, my nigga," says Prop Joe warmly, getting up to give him a huge hug. Sergei strokes Prop Joe by telling him, "You're losing weight." Prop Joe beams at the compliment, unleashing a perfect Clay Davis "sheeeeeeeeeeit." Sergei comments about the pull of American supermarkets, and expresses his concern for Prop Joe's health. Prop Joe asks, "How your peoples, dawg?" Sergei says they're the same -- "good." He pulls up a chair as Prop Joe settles back down, asking, "You talk to the man about that other thing, right? Because I can get behind that business in a big way."

Sergei says that they can discuss whatever that is later: "Now, another business." He motions toward Nick with his head. Prop Joe guesses that Nick is "the man with the raggedy-ass Camaro." Nick sniffs that the car was his cousin's, and that it "wasn't all that raggedy." He kind of smiles, like he's waiting for someone to agree with him, but everyone just gazes back at him sort of pityingly, so Nick shuts up again. Sergei swivels back to Prop Joe to say, "Nick is with us," but he rolls his eyes at the idea of Ziggy: "Family cannot be helped." "Who you telling?" agrees Prop Joe. "I got motherfucking nephews and in-laws fucking all my shit up all the time." And probably can't fix a toaster, either, the sorry specimens. "And it ain't like I can pop a cap in their ass and not hear about it Thanksgiving time." Everyone sort of chuckles ruefully. Oh, family -- can't live with 'em, can't pop a cap in their ass.

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