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"It Don't Matter That Some Fool Say He Different..."

McNulty and Elena have dinner in a fancy cloth-napkin restaurant at the nice, non-shipping-focused part of the Baltimore waterfront. Elena comments that McNulty's just drinking wine (as opposed to his usual appetizer of fourteen shots), and McNulty replies that he's "not drinking much anymore." Maybe that's why Bunk was so wasted -- they bought their usual complement of booze and Bunk had to make up for McNulty's failure to pull his weight. "No Jameson's?" presses Elena wryly. "Maybe a quick fuck with the waitress, then." You know, if the whole object of Elena's agreeing to this night out with McNulty was to shit-talk him, she could have spared herself getting all dressed up and just stayed at home with her blog. But McNulty just shrugs: "Okay, I deserve that one, too, even though I'm not doing much of that anymore either. Anything else?" Elena seems to regret her sassmouth and presses her fingertips to her forehead as she sighs, "I'm sorry. I don't know where it still comes from. It's been a year, right?" McNulty generously says that she deserves to be angry, and Elena answers, "What's the point, though?" McNulty peers at her, smiling, as Elena changes the subject, asking, "How's work?" McNulty: "What, so we talk about everything in my life that pisses you off?" She says she's just trying to make conversation. McNulty announces, "I retired." Elena doesn't get it. McNulty explains, "It's boats, not bodies. On a good day, I catch crabs [too easy] and count seagulls." Elena kind of pulls in her chin as she murmurs, "That's not you." "It wasn't me," McNulty agrees. "It wasn't me not to drink or dog around, either. A lot of things weren't me. I want another chance." Elena doesn't look particularly surprised to hear him say this, but only takes a moment before flintily replying, "How about a fuck for the road instead?" Probably a better counter-offer than any they'd be able to negotiated in mediation.

Cut to the fuck for the road instead. Everyone involved is enjoying it very much.

Loading bay. Spiros and Eton are inspecting containers full of chemicals, ready to be loaded onto trucks, when Nick pulls up with Ziggy and Johnny Fifty. Nick tells Spiros that when they unload everything, they have to ditch the trucks and containers, to make it look like they were hijacked. Spiros nods sagely. The stevedores make to leave again, but Spiros beckons Nick back. He says that he can pay Nick straight, or else, if they'd prefer, Eton can pay them in heroin, "wholesale." Hmm, let's see. Could Nick pay Elena's sales commission in China White? Eton says that with that kind of supply, they could make $60,000 or $70,000. Ziggy excitedly tells Nick that they're offering three or four times the value of what they'd be getting in cash. Nick looks back at Johnny Fifty, who immediately says, "I'm out on this." Ziggy presses his point, saying that even if they "walk it up to White Mike," they could still sell it to him for $30,000 or $35,000. Nick thinks so hard he flares his nostrils. "Nicky, come on, man," says Ziggy intensely. Behind him, Johnny Fifty doesn't say anything, but looks very anxious. Spiros folds his arms smugly. Finally, Nick makes his call: "Half in cash, half in dope." He's the Polish Solomon! Spiros nods his agreement. Ziggy does a little Tiger Woods arm pump as the stevedores file out.

On the steps, Ziggy babbles that he can turn the package around, no problem. Nick stiffly says he'll take care of it. Ziggy starts to protest that Nick doesn't know what he's doing, but before he can even get the whole sentence out, Nick turns on him: "You hear me? I said I fucking got this one. Why'n't you stay at home and watch cartoons, let me handle this shit for the both of us, all right?" He strides off, leaving Ziggy stewing impotently. Nick is practically at the car when he turns around and notices that Ziggy isn't with him: "You fucking walking home, or what?" Ziggy huffs along after him. You know, that leather jacket he's rocking now probably didn't cost anything near two grand and looks so much better. Learn the lessons of H&M, Ziggy! You can look good for less!

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