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"It Don't Matter That Some Fool Say He Different..."

Morning dawns in a nice Baltimore suburb. Inside, McNulty's in his boxers, reading the paper at the kitchen table, when Elena comes tripping down the stairs in a negligée and silky robe. McNulty breezily asks, "What do we do with the day?" "Me?" says Elena pointedly. She says she has to go pick up the kids from the babysitter. "Great," says McNulty, grinning. Elena crosses her arms as she leans against a pillar, passive-aggressing, "They're gonna be coming back here. Michael has piano this afternoon." McNulty, totally not getting it, says it's no problem: "We'll do something after that." He grins as he suggests that they could go by his apartment and pick up some things. Elena looks pained, and she very quietly tells McNulty, "I don't want the boys to know that you were here." McNulty looks up sharply. "It's gonna get them hoping," Elena explains, sadly. " need to leave." McNulty frowns in confusion, but before it can turn into a fight (or before she is moved to change her mind), Elena turns on her heel and hurries back upstairs. Poor McNulty looks like he just got kicked in the chest by a mule. But instead, it was just kicked in the unrequited love.

Prison library. D'Angelo and a friend (I'll call him Gee) are re-shelving books. Gee holds out the book in his hand -- which has been returned with its cover torn off -- and complains that the inmates don't appreciate anything they're given for free. Down at the end of one of the shelves, the con from the visitor's room before (I'll call him Kay) surveils. D'Angelo says he'll take the book to a back room, where there might be duct tape to mend it. He takes a pile of books off a shelf and puts it on his little wooden cart, Kay watching all the while. When D'Angelo wheels the cart around a corner and into a room where he'll be alone, Kay puts his book back (any old where) and follows.

In the back, D'Angelo is checking borrowing cards when Kay lets himself in, closing the door behind him. "Dee, right?" grins Kay. D'Angelo says that is his name, but that Kay can't be in the room right now. Kay asks about some library business, and D'Angelo politely asks him to wait until D'Angelo's finished what he's working on and he'll help him. But of course, Kay has no interest in getting his read on; he creeps up behind D'Angelo and, with a quickness, slides a belt around his neck and pulls. D'Angelo struggles, but Kay is determined, and before too long, D'Angelo nods out and goes slack. Once D'Angelo's collapsed in his arms, Kay drags his body over to the door, tightens the belt around his neck, ties the ends to the doorknob, arranges D'Angelo's body in a likely posture, and carefully lets himself out. As the door shuts behind Kay, D'Angelo's head falls sideways, tightening the loop around his throat, so that even if he was just unconscious before, he won't be waking up now. And Kay goes on his merry way, utterly unaffected by what he's just done. The camera pushes in on the door, on the other side of which D'Angelo's body rests in secret. D'Angelo's brow has knit its last.

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