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"It Don't Matter That Some Fool Say He Different..."

As both lawyers head over to Phelan, McNulty leans forward and whispers to Stringer, "Quite a witness, ain't he?" Stringer turns around, looks McNulty up and down, and murmurs, "Word on the street is, Omar ain't nowhere near them 'rises when the shit pop. Street said little cocksucker was over on the Eastside sticking up some Ashland Avenue niggers." McNulty chews his gum with relish: "That's the word on the street, huh? Trouble is, String, we ain't on the street. We're in a court of law." And testilying is completely fine as long as you don't get caught, I guess. McNulty leans back smugly. That poor, poor gum.

Back at the bench, Phelan curtly tells Levy that his objection is "noted and preserved for the record," and orders him to move on, which Levy does. Phelan then turns to the jury and instructs them to disregard Omar's last comment, "in which he explained where he had last encountered the defendant." Nathan resumes her questioning: "Yes or no, Mr. Little?" Omar can't even remember the original question, so Nathan asks again whether Omar and Bird knew each other before Gant's shooting. Omar says he knew Bird, but that it wasn't like they were friends. Nathan asks whether he knew Bird well enough to recognize from a moderate distance and in broad daylight, and Omar confirms, "No problem." Nathan pulls out a baggie with a handgun in it, and Omar says that it's Bird's gun, "the .380...Bird always flashing that thing." Nathan asks whether Omar had seen it both before and on the day of Gant's shooting, which he had: "It was in Bird's hand." Nathan: "When he shot at Mr. Gant?" "Yes, ma'am," says Omar. "Bird covet them shiny little pistols." Levy objects, but before Phelan can react, Omar leans forward and volunteers, "And the boy too trifling to throw it off even after a daytime murder." It's obvious that Omar is less concerned about Gant's murder on moral grounds than professionally offended that Bird's shoddy workmanship lowers the standard for everyone in their industry. Bird can't stand having his methods maligned this way, and leaps out of his chair to yelp, "You're a lying cocksucker, man! I'll rip your heart out your goddamn chest!" Nathan cowers as Bird starts crawling across the table toward Omar and has to be restrained by a couple of bailiffs. Omar smirks and winks at him, awesomely. Phelan warns Bird to behave himself or risk being forcibly restrained and having the courtroom cleared. Bird slouches sullenly in his chair as, behind him, Stringer gets up and strides out, trying to ignore McNulty's devilish eyebrow-raise.

Little Johnny's. Nick walks in briskly and is greeted by Spiros, who introduces his friend Eton (Lev Gorens). Nick regards Eton appraisingly, and they shake hands, Nick trying to act worldly by asking what "Eton" means in Greek. "No Greek," says Spiros. "Israeli." Oh, shit, dude. Nick is totally out of his league if he's messing with a guy who might be an ex-Israeli soldier. Or with a girl who might be an ex-Israeli soldier, for that matter. They don't fuck around. But Nick doesn't know to be intimidated and just chirps that he looks Greek, "no offense." He winks at Spiros: "Either way, I mean." Oh, all the swarthy races kind of look alike. When my sister's in-laws first met Glark, they thought he was Iranian. You know, by way of Cardiff. Anyway, the show: Spiros claps Eton on the shoulder and sits between him and Nick. Eton asks whether Nick has the chemicals. Nick casually says that he can get them. Eton nods: "When?" Nick says that he was going to do something that week, but that there was a problem: "My cousin Ziggy. He got into a beef with these East Baltimore guys." He tells them about Cheese burning Princess, like these guys give a shit. Eton and Spiros converse in Greek for a moment. Nick recognizes the word malaka, and agrees with it: "Zig fucked up the package." Spiros shrugs: "So, you bring us the chemicals, we pay, then you pay your debt." Nick's voice gets choked as he says that Ziggy owes $2700: "Now this asshole is saying it's double." Spiros sips his coffee, studiously not getting involved. Nick rants on about Cheese jacking them around, and finally Spiros gets to the point: "You want, we kill him." Nick doesn't want that. "Why no?" asks Spiros. Nick says that, in the first place, Ziggy did fuck up, and legitimately owes $2700. In the second, if Spiros kills Cheese, and the remaining wines are going to have a beef with Nick, and someone will just end up taking a pop at Ziggy in a year anyway. Spiros smiles and nods at Nick to Eton: "He's smart, huh?" He perches on his stool, patiently waiting for Nick to get on with it. Nick says that he and Ziggy don't have "the muscle" to settle things with Cheese: "I was hoping maybe you do." Spiros considers what the upside could be for him.

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