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"If You With Us, You With Us"

Surveillance van. Herc and Sydnor are monitoring conversations from the equipment they've just installed -- except they only have a camera set up, no mic, and therefore would need someone who reads lips to translate. Sydnor asks whether intercepting this conversation is even legal, at which Herc orders him not to "go all Freamon" on him. Apparently satisfied with what he's seen, Herc takes off. Sydnor complains that he needs relief, but I guess his new stripes have made Herc selectively deaf.

His meeting concluded, Marlo rolls up to his truck and gets in the shotgun seat, telling Partlow, "You heard? They're making movies." Partlow asks how he wants to play it, and Marlo says he's not sure yet, telling Partlow they should "go see the fat man." Jay?

Tilghman. Randy's getting snacks out of his locker when a kid named Monell comes up. Randy offers to sell him something, but the kid asks if he wants to make some real money -- like $5, wow! Randy asks what he wants, and Monell says that he and some other kid named Paul are "gonna get it on with Tiff," and he wants Randy to look out for Donnelly. Randy tries to demur, saying that he has a special order for some sixth-graders, but Monell tells him to let them wait: "It ain't like we gonna be all day." I guess a girl can't expect a guy to be a tender lover who's going to take his time if she already knows he's going to double-team her in the school bathroom. Anyway: Randy agrees.

Royce campaign office. Herc's on the phone, making a campaign call to a lady who's making the usual complaints people make about incumbents in city elections. Finally, he just lays it out, saying that he can tell from her voice that she's black, and he can tell from her voice that he's white, and he wants her to think when was the last time a white guy voted for a black candidate when there was a white guy in the race. The woman chuckles that Herc must really believe in Royce, and says she'll think about voting for him. Way to find a new way to make Baltimore even crappier, Herc! Or, at least, no better.

Tilghman. The camera starts on the door of the Boys' room, and widens out to show Randy standing watch. Bunny comes around a corner, and Randy quickly says he has a hall pass. "Good for you," says Bunny distractedly. Randy pretends to move along, but returns as soon as Bunny's gone, and after a moment, out come Monell, Paul, and Tiff, the last of whom looks about as psyched as you'd expect. [Shudder.]

Homicide. Holley and Crutchfield show a photo array to Andre, who's still bloody but now with a couple of bandages on his face, but is not so disabled that he can't identify Omar's mug shot.

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